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Senate Agenda and Minutes

​​Faculty ​​​Senate Agendas, Meeting Documents and Minutes       

The Agendas and Meeting Packet contain agenda items and readings that are meant to be reviewed in advance, in preparation for the corresponding meeting.

Supplemental documents are documents distributed after the initial meeting packet was emailed to Senators missing the president's cutoff for document review. 

Meeting minutes are not posted until they have been approved ​​by the Senate Body and submitted for posting to the Staff aide for posting from the Senate Secretary.  

Archive Senate documents and minutes may be found by clicking the link below .
Click here for agendas, meeting documents, and approved minutes from previous semesters  

Please see the bottom of this page for more details about the Senate Agendas, Meeting and Supplemental Documents, and approved Faculty Senate Minutes.

Last updated by the Senate Staff Aide on Feb 6, 2017​​

FALL 2016
Mtg. Date:
​          Agendas                          
           Agenda Meeting Packet:
  Senate Minutes:
8/30/16  Agendas/Mtg. Packet.pdf      Supplemental Mtg. Docs.pdf Aug 30, 2016       
9/6/16​ Agendas/Mtg. Packet.pdf       Supplemental Mtg. Docs.pdf           Sep 6, 2016.pdf      
​9/13/16 Agendas/Mtg. Packet

Supplemental Mtg. Docs           

Sep 3,2016.pdf        

9/20/16 Agendas.pdf Supplemental Mtg. Docs.pdf    Sep 20,2016.pdf
9/27/16​ Agenda/Mtg. Packet.pdf            Supplemental Mtg. Docs.pdf          Sept. 27, 2016.pdf
10/4/16​​ Agenda/Mtg. Packet.pdf          Supplemental Mtg. Docs.pdf Oct. 4, 2016.pdf
​10/11/16  Agenda/Mtg Docs.pdfSupplemental Mtg. Docs.pdfOct. 11, 2016.pdf
10/18/16  Agenda/Mtg. Docs.pdf Supplemental Mtg. Docs.pdf
Oct. 18, 2016.pdf
10/25/16​Agendas/Mtg. Docs.​pdf O​ct. 25, 2016.pdf
11/1/16​ Agendas/ Mtg Docs.pdf  ​ Nov 1, 2016.pdf
​11/8/16 Agenda/Mtg Docs.pdf Nov. 8, 2016.pdf
11/15/16​​ Agendas/Mtg. Docs.pdf Nov 15, 2016.pdf
11/22//16 Agendas.pdf Nov 22, 2016.pdf
11/29/16 Agendas/Mtg. Docs.pdf   Approved Feb. 7th
12/6/16​Agendas.pdfAS Mtg Docs.pdf​Approved Feb. 7th

No OCC Senate Regular Mtg.
Scheduled No Agenda
Dec 13, 2016 click here for
OCC E-Board Agenda.pdf
E-Board Minutes
Due in Feb, 2017
Agendas:​​      Agenda Meeting Packet:Senate
​1/31/17      Senate Agendas.pdf            AS Mtg Packet.pdf
Feb. 14th           
​2/7/17      Senate Agendas.pdfAS Mtg Packet.pdf           
Feb. 14th 
​2/14/17      Senate Agendas.pdf
Feb. 21st​
​2/21/17      Senate Agendas.pdf AS Mtg Packet.pdf
​3/14/17              ​            

AGENDAS: In accordance with the Brown Act, a physical copy of the agenda is posted outside of the Faculty House at least 72 hours before the meeting. The Academic Senate Staff Aide posts a copy of the agenda on this website page, and also e-mails a copy to Senators.  An e-mail with the agenda is emailed to OCC Faculty each week.  Faculty can review the current agenda and related meeting documents, as well as approved minutes from previous meetings, by clicking on the link in their meeting notification.  Archived items may be found by using the archive document link at the top of the page.

: The Meeting Documents contain readings that are meant to be reviewed in advance, in preparation for the corresponding Academic Senate meeting. The AS Staff Aide posts the Meeting Documents packet on this page and also e-mails a copy to Senators. The Staff Aide also posts a copy of these documents and the audio recording of the meeting (if available) to the Academic Senate site of the OCC Portal.
SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTS: The Supplemental Meeting Documents contain documents that have missed the Senate President's cut-off time for the regular meeting.  Whenever possible, documents should be emailed to both the Senate President and the Senate Secretary in advance of the regular Tuesday meeting.  This helps ensure that Senators can review any documents prior to the meeting. The AS Staff Aide will post supplemental documents after they are made available from the Senate Secretary. 

: The Academic Senate Staff Aide prepares the first draft of the Academic Senate Regular Meeting  minutes.  The final draft of the Academic Senate Regular Meeting minutes receives final edits by the Senate Secretary after Senators review the draft for approval.   The Senate Secretary then sends the finalized and approved version of the Regular Meeting minutes to the Senate Staff Aide for posting to the OCC website and the OCC Portal. The Senate Secretary prepares the Executive Board minutes and sends them to the Senate Staff Aide for posting after Executive Council approval. .  A courtesy copy of the approved minutes is sent by the Senate Secretary to the Board of Trustees, CCCD Chancellor/Vice Chancellor, College President, and CFE Union President.  Faculty may download minutes from either the OCC website or the OCC Portal.

: Academic Senate Committee link - internal employee site only.
(OR: OCC Portal >> Committees >> Academic Senate