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Current Senate Membership

The Senate is composed of a Senator from each Division, the Library, and Student Services; nine Full-time Senators-at-Large; and up to three voting Senators-at-Large from the Part-time Faculty.
One non-voting student member is appointed by the SGOCC each fall semester.

Name E-Mail Division/Constituency Term
Jamie Blair
Secretary Math & Sciences 2012-2015
John Dale​ ​Library ​2014-2017
​Rendell Drew​
(R) Marcina ​Social & Behavioral
2014- 2017
Darryl Issac
(R) Hassapis Consumer & Health Sciences 2014-2017
​Vacant Position
(R) Hutchison
Technology 2014-2017
Agatha Ibranossian
(R) McCall Visual & Performing Arts 2012-2015
Marilyn Kennedy
Parlimentarian Literature & Languages 2014-2017
Stacy Kirch Counseling 2012-2015
Jeanne Neil Business & Computing 2013-2016
​Clyde Phillips Student Services 2014-2017
Steve Spencer Kinesiology & Athletics 2012-2015
Name E-Mail Division/Constituency Term
Eduardo Jesus Arismendi-Pardi Ed.D.
AS President OCC full-time faculty 2014-2017​
Tom Dowling
(R) Drew
OCC full-time faculty 2013-2016
Richard Frechen​ OCC full-time faculty ​2014-2017
Lee Gordon
AS Vice President OCC full-time faculty 2013-2016
Brenda Shine
(R) Maurer OCC full-time faculty 2013-2016
Richard Kraft OCC full-time faculty 2012-2015
​Tab Livingston OCC full-time faculty 2014-2017
Loren Sachs ​OCC full-time faculty ​2013-2016
​Doug Johnson ​OCC full-time faculty ​2013-2016

​Anna Hanlon

Non-voting OCC Curriculum Chair
Appointed (NV)
Cynthia Ely OCC part-time faculty 2014-2015
Diogba Gbye​​​​ ​​OCC part-time faculty 2014-2015
Kayleigh Sevi  OCC part-time faculty 2014-2015​
Student Govt.
OCC Representative
Name E-Mail Division/Constituency Term

Student Government Representative SP15 (R) Nguyen
Appointed (NV)

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