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OCC Faculty Opportunities

Academic Senate Staff Aide updated page as of  October 5, 2017 


Please email the Senate Staff Aide in the Senate Office at: if interested in serving.  If you have an committee opportunity that you wish to advertise, please email the OCC Senate President, Lee Gordon at with the specifics of your request.  Most of these faculty committee opportunities remain open until fully filled. Once selected for service, faculty will be contacted by the Committee Chair for details of the next committee meeting.

College Council Senate Replacement Representatives
The OCC President's Office is seeking Academic Senate Representatives for OCC's College Council.  Please email the Senate Office at if interested in serving beginning fall, 2017 on the College Council. The Council seeks a replacemnt designee for the Senate President, and 3 additional Academic Senate representatives.  

Membership and committee purpose details are located on page 30 of the Making Decisions Document or on the internal OCC Portal at:

OCC College Budget Committee 

Two faculty replacement positions are available on the College Budget Committee.  The Committee meets the third Thursday of the month at 2 PM. The committee membership and committee purpose details can be found on page 29 of the Making Decisions Document or  http://occportal/Committees/cbc/SitePages/Home.aspx
If intrested in serving, please email the Senate Office at  

Student Services Planning Council. 
One replacement position is available on the Student Services Planning Council.  The Committee meets the third Thursday of the month from 10-12 PM.  Membership and committee purpose details can be found on page 36 of the Making Decisions Document.  If interested in serving, please email the Senate Office  

Update on Part-time Faculty Academic Senate Nominees. 
One replacement position is open for a part-time faculty senator.  The senate has will have the nominees come to a senate meeting in mid-October to read their candidate statements.  Afterward, the senators at the meeting will conduct a vote to select a replacement senator to serve for the 17-18 academic year. 

Senators-At-Large for the OCC Academic Senate (2)
Two replacement positions are open for full-time faculty Senator-At-Large (SAL) positions.  The SAL position represents faculty-at-large interests/concerns not their own division or department.  Please let the OCC Senate President, Lee Gordon know via email at: if you are interested.  The SAL position is a great opportunity to gain leadership experience and knowledge of Academic Senate initiatives at the State and local level. 

Technology Division Senator
The Technology Division is in need of a full-time faculty member to serve as a division senator who represents the varied interests and concerns of faculty within the division. Please let OCC's Dean of Technology, Daniel Shrader, know if interested in serving as the Technoloy Division Senator at:

More information on the Academic Senate can be found on page 27 of the Making Decisions Document or the internal portal at:
(Choose Academic Senate from list of committees)

Institutional Effectiveness Committee
2 faculty representatives needed to serve on the OCC Institutional Effectiveness Committee.  This committee is responsible for oversight and evaluation of program review and student learning outcomes.  The evaluation of the college-wide planning process; oversight of the committee self-evaluation process.  Identification of trends based on internal and external scans and planning assumptions. Their current meeting pattern is the second and fourth Mondays of the month from 1:30-3:30.  More committee details can be found on page 38 of the Making Decisions Document or the OCC Portal site at:

Orange Coast College (OAB)

The Online Advisory Board is seeking six faculty to serve on the Committee.  Either part-time or full-time faculty are welcome to serve.  Online experience is helpful, but is not required.  Please email the Senate Office if interested at The committee typically meets on the third Monday of the month in the Library. 

Details on this committee's purpose and membership can be found on the internal portal site at:

Academic Freedom Committee
Faculty Representatives from all disciplines are welcome; tenured faculty are preferred. This Senate Committee meets as needed during the academic year. 

Archived committee details can be found on our internal portal site at: http://occportal/Committees/AcademicFreedomCommittee/default.aspx    
Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) 
Is seeking an Academic Senate Representative to serve on OCC's Professional Development Advisory Committee.  This committee is involved with providing professional and personal growth for all individuals in the college. 

Details on PDAC can be found on page 35 of the Making Decisions Document or on the internal OCC Portal Site at: http://occportal/Committees/sd/default.aspx  

OCC Non-Credit Faculty Task Force
Faculty representatives from all disciplines are welcome join begin discussions on non-credit policy and courses as OCC explores non-credit offerings. The task force will meet on an ad-hoc basis.  The task force is chaired by the OCC Curriculum Chair, Anna Hanlon.  Please email Anna if you are interested in serving at                             

Academic Standards Committee
Faculty representatives needed from all disciplines and a new tenured faculty Chair for this Senate Committee. Archived committee details can be found on our internal portal site at:

Tenured Faculty – Tenure Track Evaluation Team (TTET) Replacements or New Teams   
Each semester the Office of Instruction and Senate seek tenured faculty willing to serve as replacement or new team members as inside/outside of the discipline faculty representatives for Tenure Track Evaluation Teams. If interested, please state your division, and discipline, and provide your current contact information both on and off campus when responding about your availability to serve.  These committees generally set their own schedule based on their membership and usually begin meeting early in the fall semester. Please email the Officeof Instruction or the Senate Office if interested at

Open Education Resources
If you, or faculty in your department, are interested in learning more about using free, open source textbooks (OER) and library materials, please email OCC's Open Education Resources Project Director Lori Cassidy at

For more information, please take a look at OCC's Open Education Resources (OER) Website: OCC's OER Resource Website 
Accreditation Coordinating Committee: 
The mission of the Accreditation Coordinating Committee (ACC) is to provide a forum for coordinating the college’s efforts in achieving and maintaining compliance with ACCJC standards. The committee is seeking a replacement for the Academic Senate President position. 

More information can be found on page 28 of the Making Decisions Document or on the internal portal site: ttps://

OCC's Campus Safety Committee

Needs a  faculty member to serve as a faculty representative. This campus committee is charged with evaluating safety concerns on the OCC campus. Seeking faculty to serve as senate representatives.
More information can be found at: http://occportal/Departments/Administrative%20Services/Campus%20Public%20Safety/Document%20Library/Forms/AllItems.aspx