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2012 Self Evaluation Report Timeline


Jun 1-Aug 30


2006 Planning Agenda and Recommendations Draft


Jul 1- Aug 30


Standard portal templates populated for co-chairs


Aug 29- Dec 5


All Self-Evaluation Teams begin Research & Writing


Sept 19- 30


Student survey (CCSEQ) distributed


Sept 26-Oct 7


Employee survey distributed


Nov 1-Dec 16


Co-chairs populating standard portal templates; submit to lead writers 12/16/2011



Jan 1-Jan 31


First draft based on self-evaluation team template


Jan 30-Feb 24


First draft review period- For committees to review and rewrite


Feb 25-Mar 4


Incorporate committee feedback into second draft


Mar 9


Submit draft for board study session-March 21


Mar 7-Mar 23


Second draft review period-For campus for general feedback


Mar 26-Mar 29


Incorporate campus feedback into third draft


Apr 2-Apr 27


Third draft review period-For Campus "experts" for review of compliance, documentation, accuracy, proofing, etc.


Apr 30- May 6


Incorporate campus "experts" feedback into fourth draft


May 7


Campus-wide announcement of fourth draft


May 7- May 18


Self-Study update/review of draft


Update Making Decisions Document


June 1-Aug 31


Electronic linking of documents in Master draft




Writers revising Master draft with campus experts


Aug 27-Sept 28


Release master draft for campus review


Sept 17-28


Campus Forums:Focus Day
Self-Study update and revisions to Master draft


Oct 1


Finalization of Master Draft


Oct 1-17


Publication Finalization


Oct 17


Board Meeting




Board of Trustees' Preview/Review


Nov 28


Mail to ACCJC





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