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Accreditation Coordinating Committee

The mission of the Accreditation Coordinating Committee (ACC) is to provide a forum for coordinating the college’s efforts in achieving and maintaining compliance with ACCJC standards.


  • The ACC serves to communicate accreditation standards and processes to the campus community as well as ensuring campus-wide participation.
  • The ACC creates and disseminates an annual planning calendar for the completion of program review, assessment and other related accreditation goals.
  • The ACC oversees the production of reports to the ACCJC and ensures authenticity of these documents.
  • The ACC monitors and reports progress on the implementation of accreditation recommendations and standards.
​Last Name ​ First Name Representing Year
​Ballinger ​ Kevin

​Vice President of Instruction; Accreditation Liaison Officer

​                  2014-2015
​ Monahan ​Georgie ​ Program Review Coordinator; Co-Chair ​                  2014-2015
Arismendi-Pardi Eduardo ​President, Academic Senate ​                  2014-2015
Hanlon ​Anna ​Assessment                                                       ​                  2014-2015
Clark Kristin ​Vice President, Student Services ​                  2014-2015
Cooper ​ ​Barbara ​Online Advisory Board Coordinator ​                  2014-2015
Grande Therese ​Classified, President's Wing ​                  2014-2015
Hutchison Cathe ​Curriculum, Classified ​                 2014-2015
Mueller ​Kathyrn ​Dean, Student Services ​                 2014-2015
​Tamura Risa ASOCC, Student Rep                                               ​                 2014-2015
​Pagel ​Rich ​Vice President, Administrative Services ​                 2014-2015
Schulte ​Rita ​Classified, Administrative Services

​                2014-2015

Sterner​ ​ Sheri ​Institutional Effectiveness ​                2014-2015