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Standards and Co-Chairs

Standards, Co-Chairs and Supporting Committees

Standard I A 

Co-Chair: Hue Pham- Dean, Counseling
Co-Chair: Vesna Marcina, Faculty, Political Sciences
Supporting Committee: College Council

Standard I B

Co-Chair: Sheri Sterner-Director, Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Co-Chair: Candy Pettus-Faculty, Anthropology
Supporting Committee: College Council

Standard II A

Co-Chair: Doug Benoit-Dean, Technology
Co-Chair: Vinta Oviatt-Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinator
Supporting Committee: IPC and Academic Senate

Standard II B

Co-Chair: Kate Mueller-Dean, Student Services
Co-Chair: Vida Shajie, Counselor
Supporting Committee: Enrollment Management and Student Services Planning Council

Standard II C

Co-Chair: Paul Asim-Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Co-Chair: Lori Cassidy-Librarian
Supporting Committee: Title III Steering Committee (including BSI members), Computing Center and Library representatives

Standard III A

Co-Chair: Joe Poshek-Dean, Visual Performing Arts
Supporting Committee: Admin Services Planning Council and Staff Development

Standard III B

Co-Chair: Kevin Ballinger-Dean, Consumer Health & Sciences
Co-Chair: Robin O'Connor-Faculty, Adapted Activities
Supporting Committee: Facilities Committee

Standard III C

Co-Chair: Craig Oberlin-Senior Director, Information Technology
Co-Chair: Georgie Monahan-Faculty, Speech Communication
Supporting Committee: Technology Committee

Standard III D

Co-Chair: Rich Pagel-Vice President, Administrative Services
Co-Chair: Jeanne Neil-Faculty, Accounting
Supporting Committee: College Budget Committee

Standard IV A

Co-Chair: Michael Mandelkern-Dean, Literature & Languages
Co-Chair: Tom Dowling-Faculty, Art
Supporting Committee: President Planning Council

Standard IV B

Co-Chair: Robert Mendoza-Dean, Math & Sciences
Co-Chair: Vesna Marcina-Faculty, Political Sciences
Supporting Committee: College Council