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Board of Directors / Steering Committee
Steering Committee Members
OCC President's representative
Administrative Assistant (non-voting)

Standing Committees:
1. Family and Friends

Maintain a global list of retirees, former employees, friends, and families desiring to continue an ongoing link with the college. Plan social events. Share news of "life events" with membership

2. Communication and Technology

Prepare material for the Emeritus newsletter, discuss content for the Emeritus website.

3. History and Heritage

Oversee the archives, collections, and historical records of OCC. There are two subcommittees:
  • Archives (Bob Clifton) . . . maintain the collections of pictures and records;
  • Tumbleweeds to Roses 2  . . . record stories from people with a long-time involvement with OCC (an oral history).
4. Options and Opportunities

Identify opportunities for retirees to become directly involved with students, staff and events at OCC. Recent activities include working at information tables during first week of each semester, helping at Senior Day and at Science Night, and assisting at OCC graduation ceremonies.