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Board of Directors Meetings


collapse Academic Year : 2021-2022 ‎(3)
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 11.18.21.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 11.18.2111/18/2021
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda  9.23.2021.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 9.23.20219/23/2021
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 8.3.2021.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 8.3.20218/3/2021
collapse Academic Year : 2020-2021 ‎(6)
OCC Foundation Board Agenda - 6-3-2021.pdfOCC Foundation Board Agenda - 6-3-20216/3/2021
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 3.25.21.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 3.25.213/25/2021
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 1-28-21.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 1-28-211/28/2021
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 11-19-20.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 11-19-2011/19/2020
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 9-24-20.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 9-24-209/24/2020
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 7-23-20.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 7-23-207/23/2020
collapse Academic Year : 2019-2020 ‎(5)
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 5-21-20.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 5-21-205/21/2020
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 1.23.20.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 1.23.201/23/2020
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 11-21-19.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 11-21-1911/21/2019
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 9-26-19.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 9-26-199/26/2019
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 7-18-19.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 7-18-197/18/2019
collapse Academic Year : 2018-2019 ‎(1)
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 9.27.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 9.279/27/2018
collapse Academic Year : 2017-2018 ‎(2)
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 5-31-18.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 5-31-185/31/2018
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 11-16-17.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 11-16-1711/16/2017
collapse Academic Year : 2015-2016 ‎(3)
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 5-26-16.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 5-26-165/26/2016
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 3-24-16.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 3-24-163/24/2016
Foundation Board Meeting Agenda 1_28_16.pdfFoundation Board Meeting Agenda 1_28_161/28/2016


collapse Academic Year : 2021-2022 ‎(2)
Foundation Board Minutes 9-23-21.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 9-23-219/23/2021
Foundation Board Minutes 8-3-2021.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 8-3-20218/3/2021
collapse Academic Year : 2020-2021 ‎(6)
Foundation Board Minutes 06-03-2021.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 06-03-20216/3/2021
Foundation Board Minutes  03-25-21.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 03-25-213/25/2021
Foundation Board Miniutes 01-28-21.pdfFoundation Board Miniutes 01-28-211/28/2021
Foundation Board Minutes 11-19-20.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 11-19-2011/19/2020
Foundation Board Minutes 09-24-2020.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 09-24-20209/24/2020
Foundation Board  Minutes 07-23-2020.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 07-23-20207/23/2020
collapse Academic Year : 2019-2020 ‎(5)
Foundation Board Minutes 5-21-20.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 5-21-205/21/2020
Foundation Board Minutes 1-23-20.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 1-23-201/23/2020
Foundation Board Minutes 11-21-19.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 11-21-1911/21/2019
Foundation Board Minutes 9-26-19.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 9-26-199/26/2019
Foundation Board Minutes 7-18-19.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 7-18-197/18/2019
collapse Academic Year : 2018-2019 ‎(5)
Foundation Board Minutes 5-30-19.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 5-30-195/30/2019
Foundation Board Minutes 3-21-19.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 3-21-193/21/2019
Foundation Board Minutes 1-24-19.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 1-24-191/24/2019
Foundation Board Minutes 11-8-18.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 11-8-1811/8/2018
Foundation Board Minutes 9-27-18.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 9-27-189/27/2018
collapse Academic Year : 2017-2018 ‎(4)
Foundation Board Minutes 3-22-18.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 3-22-183/22/2018
Foundation Board Minutes 1-26-18.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 1-26-181/26/2018
Foundation Board Minutes 11-16-17.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 11-16-1711/16/2017
Foundation Board Minutes 9-28-17.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 9-28-179/28/2017
collapse Academic Year : 2016-2017 ‎(5)
Foundation Board Minutes 5-18-17.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 5-18-175/18/2017
Foundation Board Minutes 3-23-17.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 3-23-173/23/2017
Foundation Board Minutes 1-26-17.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 1-26-171/26/2017
Foundation Board Minutes 11-17-16.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 11-17-1611/17/2016
Foundation Board Minutes 10-13-16.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 10-13-1610/13/2016
collapse Academic Year : 2015-2016 ‎(2)
Foundation Board Minutes 3-24-16.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 3-24-163/24/2016
Foundation Board Minutes 1-28-16.pdfFoundation Board Minutes 1-28-161/28/2016