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Social Media Guidelines

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Orange Coast College (OCC) recognizes that with new and emerging technologies, the way people communicate is constantly evolving. The numerous communications tools available today allow OCC to build meaningful connections with students, alumni, faculty, staff, visitors and the community. The purposeful use of OCC social media will also support the college, its activities and educational pursuits.

These new powerful tools can be used in a positive manner, but could unfortunately be abused for negative purposes. The OCC Social Media and Blogging Guidelines are intended to provide users with a definitive roadmap for the proper use of these tools.



These guidelines apply to the full range of social media tools, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, podcasting and blogs. The guidelines apply to any OCC office, department and area that is using the tools in an OCC-sanctioned and OCC-branded capacity to promote their programs and services, or to communicate with their audience.

Offices and departments that wish to author an OCC-sanctioned social media tool should first contact the Marketing & Public Relations Department for training, branding and communication guidance. To help drive traffic to your social media, the Marketing & Public Relations Department will add your site to the list of OCC-sanctioned and OCC-branded social media sites that are being updated routinely by college departments.


Where applicable, OCC current standards and guidelines will extend toward all OCC social media and blogging conduct.



Social media and blogging accounts will adhere to both state and federal law. Violators will be suspended of all OCC social media and blogging activity until further notice.



OCC observes the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). OCC will not release private and proprietary college information. OCC’s privacy protection also extends to its staff, faculty and students. Approval and documented consent of release is required for all confidential information that is posted on social media and blogs.



OCC will treat each person or entity on social media and blogs with respect. Users participating on OCC’s social media platforms will automatically agree to act under OCC’s Code of Conduct. OCC reserves the right to remove any posts or comments that is determined as a violation of any law, regulation, policy, guideline or rule. Obscene, lewd, lascivious, violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable content will be removed immediately. Depending on the severity of the negative comment, management and/or authorities will be consulted.

If an OCC produced post is found to be offensive, the post will be deleted immediately and an apology will be issued. The person or group responsible for the post will be reviewed according to OCC’s Code of Conduct.


OCC encourages everyone to participate and connect with the people and content on its social media platforms. Inappropriate, criminal, abusive, SPAM and discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.  Posted content that expresses hate, profanity and personal attacks will also not be allowed. Such posts or actions will be deleted and/or the offender will be removed from the social media platform.



The views and opinions expressed on OCC-sanctioned social media platforms are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of OCC, its leadership, its Board of Trustees, or any of its employees.



OCC understands that mistakes do occur. However, if incorrect information is released or discovered on a social media platform, OCC will delete the original incorrect post and publicly acknowledge the mistake. If necessary, an authorized OCC representative will respond respectfully to correct any false statement. The post will be re-released with the correct information.


Social Media


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