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First Day of Classes Checklist
  1. BE EARLY - Arrive at least a half an hour before your class starts.  Parking is very limited the first couple of weeks so allow plenty of time to park and get to your class on time.
  2. BE THERE - Attend the first class meeting and be on time. If you miss the first class meeting, your instructor may give away your seat to another student.  If you’re on the waitlist, go to the first class meeting.  The instructor may give you an add permit to register in the class.
  3. VERIFY - Print your Student Class Program from MyOCC.  Your Student Class Program is proof that you registered and paid your fees.  It also includes important information about your class meeting time and location as well as important deadline dates for each class.
  4. PARKING - Order a parking decal.  Although Campus Safety does not ticket the first 2 weeks of the semester, it is important that you order your permit now so that you’ll receive it before Campus Safety starts to ticket.  Log in to MyOCC and select the link that says "Purchase an OCC Parking Decal." Semester parking permits are NOT sold on campus—they are only sold online. 
  5. CAN’T FIND PARKING? - Additional parking is available at the OC fairgrounds located off Fairview across the street from OCC.
  6. NEED TEXTBOOKS? -  Order or rent your textbooks ahead of time.  Go to
  7. KNOW WHERE TO GO - Print out the Campus Map and look for the meeting locations (per your Student Class Program). 
  8. GOT QUESTIONS? Call the Answer Center at 714-432-5072 or stop by the Welcome Center located on the first floor of Watson Hall.