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​​​All computers on campus are maintained by the OCC Information Technology Department. Our goal is to bring you effective computer, printing, wireless, and other digital resources and tools. We are proud to serve our students with over 1500 student computers on campus and two open computer labs, one in the library and one in the computing center, as well as 30 full-size academic labs.

At the heart of student computing on the OCC campus is the Math, Business & Computing Center. At the Computing Center you will find PCs and Macintosh computers as well as printers available for your use. There is friendly staff available to answer your questions and help you set up your Student Account.

Students may use the Computing Center to complete classroom assignments, access online courses, retrieve email, access the Internet, or to view campus web pages for course information. Every OCC student has a network account automatically generated once they register for classes.

The Library’s Computer Lab is open to all OCC students and includes both PC and Macintosh computers.  The lab contains 90 computers, with an additional 39 available for students when the instructional classroom is not in use. All computers are loaded with software programs for word processing, office applications, and Internet accessibility. The lab includes two scanning stations and three printing stations.

The Hoag Multimedia Lab serves the needs of students in the biology and Allied Health sciences courses. The computer stations are equipped with cutting-edge instructional software and access to the Internet, allowing students to work on teacher-assigned projects, such as simulated body dissections using the Adam Body software. All Hoag Lab software is available for use in the Computing Center.

OCC is also proud to bring you Wireless Networking access throughout the campus. For wireless hot spots, please see the Wireless Network.