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Off Site Access

​​​​​​​Faculty and Staff can access their OCC Email, OCC Portal, and MyOCC from any computer with Internet access. If you want to access these resources from off-site, just remember to use the proper, off-campus website addresses. 

Link to the OCC Portal
Link to OCC WebMail
Link to MyOCC
​Link to IT Service Desk - to submit a support ticket
Logging in to the OCC Portal and Webmail
The secure addresses (those beginning with https://) will require you to log in. You will want to log in with your COAST username and password; these are the same credentials you use to log on to computers on campus. However, you will need to type in the domain name (COAST) and a backslash (\) before your username, which is typically your first initial and last name. Here is how user Walt Disney would log in:
USERNAME: coast\wdisney
PASSWORD: *********
If your password has expired, or if you have forgotten your password, you will not be able to access your resources until your password has been reset. To reset your password, you can call the IT Support Desk at (714) 438-8111.
** Tip: You may wish to bookmark this page the first time you visit so you can easily find it again.