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Desktop Advertising
Procedure for Requesting Advertising on Student Computers Campus-wide
Sandy Whiteside wanted to try and encourage more school spirit by posting special events on the computers. It has taken off much faster than she anticipated.  She will always try to accommodate all requests.  The few ground rules are:
  1. They must present a hard copy with the “ASOCC Approved, Post Until ____” stamp.
  2. They need to provide the flyer as a .bmp file.  IShewill NOT modify anything.  I will send it back to the creator to revise.
  3. They need to provide an e-mail and phone number contact.
  4. Items will be posted based on first-come, first-served; however, I reserve the right to modify this when necessary. 
  5. If two groups want posting at the same time, I will look at when the event takes place and post accordingly.
  6. There must be at least 3 full days of posting before the event (don’t ask me to post today if the event is tomorrow!).
  7. File MUST BE SAVED AS A BITMAP with a bmp extension.  Finished .bmp size should be 4” by 5.5” (which displays as full height and about 8” wide).  The displays are set to 1024x768.
    1. Wallpaper must be Portrait.  Landscape orientation will be returned for revision.
    2. TEST the wallpaper – save the file somewhere on your c: drive.  Then, right click on your desktop, click properties, click the Desktop tab, scroll through and click on your file.  Apply, OK.  Minimize all your apps and see if the wallpaper appears as you would like leaving about 2” on either side.
  8. Send the file via e-mail to or copy into \\occsdfs\ccfaculty\faculty5\swhiteside\submissions   and hand carry the hardcopy to Information Technology 120B or the JRC Computing Center Front Desk.
  9. A Special Events Form must be completed and on file at the ASOCC office.
  10. Posting is for special events, not announcing meetings or elections. 

​Sandy M. Whiteside
Information Technology
Orange Coast College
714 - 432 - 5954