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Print Job, Quickbook, Card Reader, Microsoft DreamSpark, Scanner
 Why is my print job not showing up on the print queue?

There can be several reasons; do you know which printer you have sent it to? Are you printing from a MAC? Make sure the printer is connected (sometimes there is an exclamation mark next to the printer name, in that case, chose another printer if available) If printing from a PC – select one of the printers from the drop down menu and make sure to click on print. Another reason can be:

  1. The data of file can be a bit large (or server is lagging) thus it will take a little time for the information to transfer. Is your document PDF or a file with heavy images?
  2. Are you using your own account? (Check for ID Number)

 Why does the card reader keep saying retry when I insert my printing card?

I can help you with this problem. Did you insert your card in the right direction? The arrow on the card should point toward to the card reader. If you did that and the card reader said retry, contact the Information Desk .


 How can I work with Quickbooks in the Computing Center?

All the Quickbooks files locate in the faculty drive, (Q:) drive. Look for the Accounting folder inside the Q drive and then double click on the folder. Copy and paste the files in either All Students Files folder or App Student Files folder that you want to work on to your USB.


 How do I connect to the school’s wifi and which one should I use?


The following link has directions on how to configure your device to connect to the occ-wifi.


 How does the Microsoft DreamSpark program work?

DreamSpark is a program that is opened to many OCC CIS and CS students. Students in the DreamSpark program can access many of Microsoft's software for a greatly reduced price (or sometimes free. You can enroll to program as long as you are a student or faculty at Orange Coast College. Go to Computing Center and ask staff members for the DreamSpark registration form. The information you need to know for your registration will be your full name, your Coast district student ID, and your Coast district student email which is “MyOCC log in username” If you are enrolling to any CIS or CS courses at Orange Coast College, you will receive an email from the DreamSpark program with a link that will guide you to the DreamSpark main website after the first week of semester. If not, come to Computing Center and ask for assistance. To register, click on the provided link in the email, or go to ---> student services ---> student computing ---> Microsoft DreamSpark Program. On the main website, click Sign in ---> Register ---> Enter your school email as your username. You have successfully compd the registration.


  How do I scan documents using the Scanner?
Using a PC:
For Instructions how to scan using a PC Download one of the following documents:
Using a MAC:
For Instructions how to scan using a MAC Download one of the following documents: