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Student Accounts
Your "Student Account"  refers to your account that you use in the Computing Center to log in to a computer as well as into wireless.  Your "Student Account" is NOT the same as your MyOCC account.  For MyOCC Password Help.
Student Account:   
                                User Name:  00000000   (Student ID number without C or Dash)
                                             Password:   Ab012193  (First letter of First Name uppercase, First letter of Last Name
                                                                                            lowercase, Birthdate mmddyy)
                                                 Domain:   Student
Students should enroll into OCC's password self-management system, Password Station.
Click on the icon to log in to Password Station.

Why Enroll in Password Station?
Password Station will allow students, faculty, and staff to recover a forgotten password or change an existing password. You can access Password Station from any browser anywhere in the world.

If you do not enroll into Password Station and then forget your password, you will have to request that it be reset for you. This often takes longer than enrolling, and must occur during the standard business hours and availability of the IT and Computing Center Staff. For more information on how to have your password reset manually, please contact the appropriate support: 
  • Students should go to the John R. Clark Computing Center Information Desk in person to have their passwords manually reset.
  • Faculty and staff should contact the Information Technology Support Desk (714) 432-5500 for more information about having their password manually reset.
Password Station Instructions

To access Password Station, please follow this link:
This link will take you to the Password Station Welcome Page.

  1. In the "Domain:" box, you have a choice of OCCNET or STUDENT.
    For Students choose STUDENT for Faculty/Staff choose OCCNET.
  2. In the "User ID:" box, you will want to enter your username.
  3. Once the domain is selected and you have input your valid User ID, you should click on I AGREE to accept the site’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use statement and enter the Password Station site.
The program will verify your username to determine if you are already enrolled.
Figure 1: Password Station Standard Welcome Page

If you are not previously enrolled, the system will display this page so that you can enroll. Select Continue.
Figure 2:  “User Must First Enroll” Notification

Next you will be prompted to enter your current password to verify your identity and continue with the enrollment procedure. Your password must be at least 6 characters long with at least one of each: capital letter, small letter, number.

If an incorrect password is entered you will receive an error message.
Figure 3: Domain\User ID & Password Enrollment Authentication

Once the correct password is entered, the next page will display a series of three drop down question lists. The questions and answers must be unique for the required Identity Challenges.
When you type your answers, be aware that there is no check on spelling or nonsense. The answers are not case sensitive, so capital letters or small letters are treated the same. You will, of course, want to be sure to answer your questions with answers that you will remember; should you forget your password, you will need to remember all three answers in order to reset it.
Figure 4:  Identity Question and Answer Selection


 When you select Continue, you will be shown the next screen (Figure 5).
Figure 5:   You are now enrolled in Password Station!
When you select Continue, you will be shown the next screen (Figure 6).

This will also be the screen you see from now on when you log in to manage your password or recover a lost password.

Note: If you do not get this screen, please ask for assistance at either the Computing Center Info Desk or the IT Support Desk (contact information for these centers is listed above).
Figure 6: Password Station Self-Service Options