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Student Network Accounts

Every OCC student has a Student Network Account automatically generated once they register for classes. The Student Network Account is used to access computers on campus, pay for printing and photocopying, and connect to the campus wireless network.

Students will use their “MyOCC” username and a default password the first time they log on to a campus computer to activate their Student Network Accounts. Below is an example of a username and default password that student “Mai Chow who was  born on March 22, 1993" would use to log on :

Username:    mchow8 
                         "MyOCC" username
 Password:    Mc032293
                         First letter of first name uppercase
                         First letter of last name lowercase
                         Birthday in mmddyy format (month, day, 2-digit year)                       

Once the student activates their account they will be prompted to create a new password that consists
of 8 characters or more.
Passwords are case sensitive and must meet the following complexity rules:

  • must be 8 characters long.
  • must include at least one or more:
    • uppercase letter
    • lowercase letter
    • number