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Facility Rentals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Orange Coast College boasts state of the art facilities for athletic events, lectures, meetings, and performing arts. These facilities exist because of the generosity of our local community and are available for use through our facility rental office.  If you are having an event, meeting, or even a wedding consider Orange Coast College as your preferred venue.  To request a quote for your rental please fill out the facility rental application form and email it Karen in our Facility Rentals office at

Facility rentals fall under two categories as shown below.  Rental rates and the support available depend on the type of rental you choose.

  • ​Facility Rental for Non-Profits – Events put on by a non-profit organizations.   Examples: Parent-teacher associations, school-community advisory councils, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, Senior Citizen organizations.  If a non-profit organization rental includes an opportunity for student outreach or othe​r specific benefit to the college's students, faculty, staff or program there are opportunities for campus co-sponsorship which may have an impact on the rental fees. See below for specifics on Co-sponsored events​
  • Facility Rental for Commercial use – Events organized by groups without non-profit status. Examples: private music lessons, training sessions, sporting events, any for profit meeting or event, weddings, memorials, or private parties. 

Co-sponsored events are any event that have a benefit to the campus through outreach or public relations opportunities.  Examples are:  Regional or chapter meetings of educational organizations already affiliated with the campus,  K-12 events where outreach to the campus is a possibility, and service organizations affiliated with campus activities or student clubs, meetings or events for organizations affiliated with local industry.  If you are interested in co-sponsorship opportunities please call the office of College and Community Support at 714-432-5074. 

The Coast District Board of Trustees Policy #6700 governs the use of facilities on the OCC campus. For more detailed information interested parties should refer to the policy and corresponding administrative procedure linked above.

For campus employees:

Entry into 25Live is the process to book the rooms only. Approval by the board is still required through the forms mentioned above. ​

Facility rentals or co-sponsorships do not apply to any activities related to the operation of the college such as student club activities, campus committee or participatory governance meetings, advisory committee meetings, community education courses, instructional courses, and rehearsals or practices related to performances or athletic events that are part of the curriculum.

All events must be board approved. Campus events are approved by using the Presidential Approval form on the President's Campus Approvals portal page. ​  

Co-sponsored events and facility rentals are board approved by filling out the Facility rentals application and Co-sponsored event form as applicable. Co-sponsored events require the additional approval of the president prior to board approval. A flow chart showing the approval process is available here.​