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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend CoPfPTF?
Any employee of the district is welcome at any and all of our sessions. We particularly welcome all part-time faculty.

I’m a new part-time faculty member; will I get something out of this series? I’ve been doing this part-time faculty thing for a while now; will I get something out of this series?
Definitely! We’re designing each session to have content that will be of interest to folks of every experience level, from someone who just started yesterday to someone who started 40 years ago. We’ll also have time for dialog and sharing, so we’ll all be able to learn from each other’s different perspectives and experiences.

How do I register to attend a CoPfPTF session?
Please register in Cornerstone, the district’s new professional development system. Once you’ve logged in to Cornerstone, use the Event Calendar view to navigate to the day of the session, select our session, and then click “Request.” Unless the session is full, everyone who requests the session will be automatically enrolled.

Do I need to register? Can I drop by even if I haven’t registered?
Since we’re providing the food we’d vastly prefer that people register at least a few days in advance, but please feel free to attend even if you haven’t registered. We’d love to see you!

What if I miss a day? Do I have to attend every session? Can I attend just one?
The series is completely open - while we think there will be value in attending all of the sessions, and we’ll have continuing themes throughout the series, each day will stand on its own and be valuable in isolation as well. Thus, please feel free to come to one, two, or all of the sessions - it’s completely up to you.

Additionally, we have a Canvas Shell [link coming!], which we’ll use to share content relevant to the day and continue our discussions.

Who is behind this series?
This series is developed and run on a volunteer basis by the Communities of Practice for Part-Time Faculty Steering Crew, which is made up of Cyndee Ely (part-time faculty in Business and Computing), Marc Perkins (professor, Biological Sciences), Ashley Rippeon (athletic compliance specialist, Kinesiology & Athletics), Michael Sutliff (dean, Kinesiology and Athletics), and John Taylor (dean, Library and Learning Support).

Who can I direct questions to?
Feel free to direct questions to any of the Communities of Practice for Part-Time Faculty Steering Crew; if you need a particular person, default to Marc - or 714-714-7421 (x21444 on campus).

Who is providing funding for the series?
The Spring 2019 series was funded via an application to OCC’s Professional Development Advisory Committee.

Who came up with that amazing acronym?

Thanks for asking - we’re very proud of CoPfPTF. The name of the series was developed at the very first meeting (over coffee outside Starbucks on a September afternoon in Fall 2018) of the folks who would become the steering crew. Too many groups rely on humorous or otherwise endearing acronyms; we’re proud that our series is fulfilling enough to not need such superficial embellishment.