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Faculty Services

Last Day to Drop Students from 16 Week Classes is Saturday, November 17th, 2018.

Please drop all students who have stopped attending or have excessive unexcused absences on or prior to Saturday, November 17th, You must list the last date the student attended.  Please verify your drops by printing your attendance roster.  All students remaining in your class must receive a grade (an incomplete grade cannot be issued for failing to drop someone).  Please refer to your Attendance Roster under Critical Dates for 2nd 8wk or other part of term courses.

Section Change Deadline is Friday, November 16th by noon.

Reinstatement Deadline is Monday, December 3rd at 5pm.

If you would like to reinstate a student all paperwork must be submitted to the Enrollment Center or Faculty Services by 5pm, Monday, December 3rd.  The reinstatement form requires the student signature as well as your signature. 

16 and 2nd 8-Week Important Grade Information

Grades are due on MyOCC for 16 and 2nd 8wk courses by Friday, December 21st

It is imperative that you meet this deadline.  Grades for 16 and 2nd 8 week courses cannot be posted, transcripts cannot be produced, and prerequisites cannot be cleared for Intersession courses which begin January 2nd, until all grades and positive attendance hours are submitted. 

Positive Attendance Hours are due Friday, December 21st on MyOCC

Grades cannot be posted until all positive attendance hours are entered.  Hours must be entered for each student listed.  If a student dropped; you must submit the hours they did attend.  If they did not attend enter 00.0.  A number must be listed to every student on your roster.  Without these hours we will not receive state aid to support your educational program.

Last Date of Attendance Required for "I", "F", "NP" OR "W" grade

Due to Federal Financial Aid rules we must verify the date of last attendance for all students who earn an "I", "F", "NP" or all "W"'s.  When you submit a grade "I", "F","NP" or if the student has a Withdrawal, you will be prompted to enter the last date of attendance from your records.  Please note – the date that a student withdrew may not be the same as the Last attendance date of the student.

Incomplete grade Forms are Due Friday, January 4th by 12 noon.

Assigning an incomplete "I" grade due to extenuating circumstances only (per CA State Ed Code) you must submit written documentation (per CA State Ed Code) to Faculty Services, first floor of Watson Hall Wednesday, January 4th by 12 noon.

Note: Forms must be signed by the student and faculty member, however, if the student is unavailable to sign the form due to extenuating circumstances, the faculty member may sign on behalf of the student, stating the student has been informed of the incomplete grade and the requirements necessary to complete the course.  Failing to drop a student is not an extenuating circumstance.

Attendance Rosters Due Friday, January 4th by 5:30pm.

Attendance rosters may be submitted to Faculty Services, first floor of Watson Hall Friday, January 4th by 12 noon.  It is recommended that you turn in your attendance rosters.  If you elect not to submit our attendance rosters, CA State Ed Code requires that you keep them for 3 years for auditing purposes.  If you choose to keep the attendance rosters yourself, please be prepared to provide them upon request.

Reminder:  For more Fall 2018 important information please see your Pete's Points for Professors Flyer. 

Critical Dates

All critical dates (withdrawal deadlines, refund deadline, census date) for Fall 2018 are listed at the top of your attendance roster.  These dates are determined by the state.  Please be aware of the dates and follow the deadlines as they cannot be overriden.

Faculty Services is located in Enrollment Center 1st Floor, Watson Hall

Office Hours:

Monday and Tuesday 8am - 5pm, Wednesday and Thursday 9am - 6pm, 

Friday 9am - 12 noon.

For assistance please contact:

Martha Muñoz-Sanchez                                             Katie Olivier                                   

(714) 432-0202 Ext. 26374                                         (714) 432-0202 Ext. 26375