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Academic Continuity Technology Training

ConferZoom Issues

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Special Engagement

TechSmith District-Wide Relay Training Session

Wednesday, April 8 from 3:30  - 4:30 PM

Relay - Quickly Create Videos with Relay

Using the Relay tool, you can quickly create a video, add captions, and share the video in Canvas or send a link to others. This session will cover the following topics:

  • How to sign into the Coast District Relay Library
  • Record yourself with a webcam and record on-screen activity
  • Upload the video to your Relay Library
  • Caption the video
  • Share your video in Canvas or share the link


To attend the training, use this link to enter the Zoom meeting room

If you don’t have a microphone or speakers, you can use the audio on your phone by calling one of the numbers below and enter the Meeting ID: 628 985 970.

(669) 900-6833

(346) 248-7799

(312) 626-6799

(646) 876-9923

(253) 215-8782

(301) 715-8592

**EXCLUSIVE - CVC-OEI Faculty Support Drop-In**

The awesome folks at CVC-OEI are offering drop-in help at the following dates and time:

- Monday (4/6) - 12-1 PM and 4-5 PM

- Tuesday (4/7) - 9-10 AM

- Wednesday (4/8) - 12-1 PM and 4-5 PM

- Thursday (4/9) - 9-10 AM

- Friday (4/10) - 9-10 AM / 12-1 PM / 4-5 PM

ConferZoom Link -

Upcoming Workshops - Please RSVP on Cornerstone

Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App

Friday (4/10) 9-10:00 AM ConferZoom

Barbara Cooper, Facilitator

Canvas Teacher Mobile App is a great tool to manage your class.  It includes many functions including grading Assignments, posting Announcements, using the Inbox and so much more. You can comment or write directly on a student’s assignment providing more personal interaction with your students while saving you time.

If you like using a tablet this is a great choice for you.  IIC Guest Faculty Barbara Cooper will share her unique experience and skills using the Canvas Teacher App on her Apple iPad. 

Using Respondus for Quizzes

Friday (4/10) 10 - 11:45 AM  ConferZoom
Eric Wilson, Facilitator

Respondus is an incredible quiz and survey designer to use with Canvas.  Respondus guru Eric Wilson will show you how to use Respondus with Canvas which requires a little tweaking with our set up.  Also, Eric will show you how to get test banks from the publisher.

Google and Canvas - What a Harmony

Friday (4/17) 9-10:45 AM ConferZoom

Eric Wilson and Barbra Cooper, Facilitators

GoogleEd is a fantastic package for educators and learners alike.  The kit includes GoogleDocs, GoogleSheets, GoogleSlides, GoogleDrive, and of course the great online collaborative tool ideal for group work.  GoogleEd works beautifully with Canvas as an Assignment and Collaborative tool. The best part is it is free. Come learn how to access GoogleEd and how you can take full advantage of the tool for you and your learners.

Ideas for Academic Continuity

Recorded Training

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the IIC Department held a series of workshops and covered basic Canvas and online presentations. At the bottom of this page are recordings of those training from ConferZoom.  Please know that ConferZoom may be slow due to heavy demands.  Some of the six videos are still being processed.  Once done, we will post those.  To watch the video, click on the link "ConferZoom Recording" within the corresponding workshop.

Remember, if you need additional help, contact the IIC Team.  Complete a support ticket (email) for the fastest results.

Playback Tip--Fast-forward or backward.

Due to technical issues, some of these videos may not start until later within the video. Once you click Play, you may need to move the video playhead to the right to the starting point.

Recorded Sessions

Creating Short Videos
Use them in Canvas, or email, or anywhere. How to make fast, easy videos with captioning using the software provided by OCC and your camera.
ConferZoom Recording
​Canvas Basics

If you have never logged into Canvas, or just don't know your way around, come learn how it works.
ConferZoom Recording
​Exams and Quizzes
Publisher's provided test banks or ones you create can be used as a quiz or test and proctored by software available today.
ConferZoom Recording
​Grading Assignments
Create an assignment and grade it so the students always know where they stand. If we have time, we can talk about Speed Grader.
ConferZoom Recording (Delayed)
​Discussion & Groups in Canvas
Engage your students with each other at large or in small groups inside Canvas. Come learn how.
ConferZoom Recording
​Online Conferencing
Outside of Canvas, or inside, come learn how to step up a conference and invite your students to attend class in person as a webinar.
ConferZoom Recording

Online Workshops

Canvas Online Orientation

Beginning Summer 2019, you can learn the basics of Canvas online at your own pace.  These very easy steps and mini exercises will get you acquainted with Canvas' basic tools so you can use Canvas in the classroom and understand how Canvas works. Thanks to Kona Lee at the University of New Hampshire for her donation of this orientation course and Eric Wilson for updated and edits, this new online workshop is easy and promises you will be comfortable with Canvas swiftly. Contact IIC for enrollment information or complete our ticket.

Strategies for teaching and Learning Online (STLO) - Spring 2020

This self-paced, online workshop is designed for faculty, full-time and part-time, who wish to teach fully online courses for Orange Coast College. Topics include Course Design, Interaction, Collaborative Learning, and Assessment. The workshop is a hybrid with a minimum of two, on-campus meetings. This workshop replaces the first TLO-Teaching and Learning Online workshop. February 10th – May 30, 2020.