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Instructional Innovation Center (IIC)

Welcome to IIC

(Formerly known as the Online Learning Program)

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How do I get started in Canvas?!?

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System Requirements

Canvas supports the last two versions of every browser release. For more information go to the Canvas Guides:

Canvas Interface Overview from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Find hundreds of Canvas how-to videos on Vimeo.

How-to documents to get started in Canvas

Plagiarism Checker Set-up

Setting up Turnitin in Canvas.pdf

Setting up Vericite in Canvas

Personal Learning Network

Add these resources to your professional development tools:

Stipend Training EXTENDED

  • For those of you that are still interested in completing Canvas training to earn a stipend, the Canvas Training Initiative has been extended.  If you have already applied for the stipend and have not completed all the steps – there is still time (contact Barbara Cooper if you need to know where you are in the process).

  • For those of you who have not yet applied for the stipend - Faculty may choose between two options (Tier 1 and Tier 2). Both options will be primarily online, self-paced training, and will require 6 hours of instructional time. All course work and deliverables must now be completed by September 30, 2017.

Either:   Tier 1–for Fully Online & Hybrid Instructors— Stipend of $400

Tier 1 will consist of the following 3 course sections:

    1. Accessibility & Legal Requirements (2:00 hrs)
    2. Essential Canvas Elements (2:00 hrs)
    3. Optional Canvas Elements (2:00 hrs)

Also Required for Tier 1:

    • Participation in designated Canvas training not to exceed six (6) instructional hours
    • Development of a complete, accessible Canvas online or hybrid course that includes
      • Regular and substantive interaction requirements for online classes
      • Syllabus and textbook information
      • ADA compliant content

Or:   Tier 2—for Face-to-Face Classroom Instructors—Stipend of $250

Tier 2 will consist of the following course 3 sections:

    1. Accessibility & Legal Requirements (2:00)
    2. Essential Canvas Elements (2:00)
    3. Optional Canvas Elements (2:00)

Also Required for Tier 2:

    • A designated Canvas training session not to exceed six (6) instructional hours
    • Upload into Canvas at least one course shell that includes:
      • Uploaded supplemental course material
      • Populated Modules
      • Posted Syllabus and textbook
      • ADA compliant content

Additional Requirements (for both Tier options):

  • All course work and deliverables must be completed by September 30, 2017 to qualify for the stipend. Although there will be some face-to-face opportunities that will satisfy portions of the requirement, the stipend training cannot be fully completed in a face-to-face format.  
  • You must register for the Canvas Stipend Training to earn your stipend. To register, complete the online form and then be sure to print, sign, and return the MOU (also available from the online form) to Eric Wilson's mailbox within 48 hours of download. You may also scan your form and email it to Eric ( if you prefer.


A few additional Canvas Announcements and Reminders:

  • Faculty Who Completed the "Teaching with Canvas" course: If you completed the Teaching with Canvas (ITWC) (4 hours) in Summer or Fall of 2016, you may receive credit toward the stipend, but still must complete the 2-hour Accessibility & Legal Requirements course section online. You should still register as outlined above.
  • Canvas Conversion. All the information that you need to begin your conversion is located on the Instructional Innovation Center web site under "Faculty and Staff Resources." There, you can find instructions on how to copy your current Blackboard/Canvas Course into your new Canvas shell, more training information, and so much more. Please email Barbara Cooper for more information. 

Barbara Cooper (
Professor, Hospitality
Online Faculty Coordinator

Kevin Ballinger
Vice President of Instruction

Canvas Training Continues  

The Canvas transition is occurring over a 16 month time period, with pilot testing during fall and winter of this coming year. All access to Blackboard content will cease on June 1st 2017. All faculty must move their course content into Canvas during the Spring 2017 semester at the latest.

Training for all staff will be ongoing throughout the next few academic years as we would like to help all faculty discover ways to enrich their courses with Canvas.  Sign-up now for Fall 2017 Canvas Workshops!

In addition to implementing Canvas, our team will continue to support Blackboard students and staff. Please complete IIC help desk ticket for Canvas support.  

Canvas Migration

Canvas 2016-2017 Migration timeline

Canvas Implementation Timeline

Fall 2016

  • Canvas Cohort #1: Nine (9) fully online pilot courses will go live in Canvas for Fall term 2016.
  • August, 2016, Some Canvas course shells will be available.
  • Selection, training, and development for courses will be offered to all instructors beginning May, 2016 and will continue throughout the implementation.

Spring 2017

  • Canvas Cohort #2: 20-30 online and hybrid courses will be supported in Canvas for Spring term.
  • Training and development continue for summer courses.

Summer 2017

  • All remaining online, web-enhanced and hybrid courses will be taught in Canvas.
  • Face-to-face courses may use Canvas if the instructor chooses.
  • Advanced training and course development will continue.

June 1, 2017

  • Blackboard closes for good.