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Press Releases
Press Releases

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Fifty-five online Internet classes will be offered at Orange Coast College this spring.

Spring semester classes get under way on Monday, Jan. 30.

OCC’s spring class schedule is available free of charge in the college’s Admissions and Records Office, and is available for public viewing on OCC’s website ( Spring registration is under way. For registration information, phone (714) 432-5072.

Some of OCC’s spring online classes are 100 percent online, and others require students to attend one or more on-campus meetings. A few classes are 50 percent online and 50 percent on campus.

Online classes take the same amount of time to complete as an equivalent on-campus class, but students save commuting time.

Students planning to enroll in an online class this spring need to have access to the Internet from a computer that is a Pentium-class personal computer or Macintosh. For most classes, they’ll need a 28.8-speed modem or better; an up-to-date browser, such as Internet Explorer 6, or Netscape Communicator 7; and an email account.

Online courses on OCC’s spring agenda include: "Financial Accounting" (Accounting 101), "Accounting Information Systems" (Accounting 110), "Health Occupations" (Allied Health 010), "Medical Terminology" (Allied Health 111), "Cultural Anthropology" (Anthropology 100), "Introduction to Business" (Business

100), "Business English" (Business 138), "Applied Management" (Business

Management 100), and "Human Relations and Supervision" (Business Management 115).

Also "Introduction to Web Page Design" (Computer Information Systems 123), "Introduction to Microsoft Word" (Computer Information Systems 131), "JavaScript Programming" (Computer Information Systems 171), "Network Systems Administration" (Computer Information Systems 192), "Network Directory Services Administration" (Computer Information Systems 194), "Microsoft Word 2" (Computer Information Systems 231, "Information Systems/Programming" (Computer Science 111), "Java Programming" (Computer Science 170), "Beginning Computer Keyboarding 1" (Computerized Office Technology 109), and "Beginning Computer Word Processing 1" (Computerized Office Technology 113).

Also, "Career Planning" (Counseling 120), "Basic Computer Aided Design/Drafting" (Drafting 150AB), "Freshman Composition" (English 100), "Sanitation and Safety" (Food Service Management 160), "Health Education" (Health Education 100), "History of the U.S. Since 1876" (History 175), "Managing Business Risks" (Hotel 267), "Meeting and Event Marketing" (Hotel 270), "Intermediate Algebra" (Math 030), "Precalculus Math" (Math 170), "History and Appreciation of Music" (Music 100), "Music from Bach to Rock" (Music 105), "Fundamentals of Music" (Music 115) and "Cardiovascular Fitness" (Physical Education 110AD).

The courses offer from one-half to four units of college credit each.

Each of the 55 spring Internet classes is taught by an Orange Coast College professor.

"Students who are disciplined find the Internet a great way to take a class," says Pam Barvarz, an instructor of computer information systems who is teaching an online computer information systems course this spring.

"It’s very helpful for online students to have their own home computers, but not essential. If need be, students may use the computers and software available on campus in OCC’s John R. Clark Computing Center."

Even without regular face-to-face interaction with an instructor, many online students find Internet courses to be stimulating and fun, says music professor, Carole Chardonnay. Chardonnay enjoys teaching her OCC "History and Appreciation of Music" class both in the classroom and via the Internet. She’s teaching one "classroom" section of the course this spring, and two online sections.

"My web page has been designed to enable students to access information they need for the course," Chardonnay says. "Students living in this ‘Information Age’ will discover that they can truly enjoy taking a music history course by means of this technology."