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Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free Parking Until February 10

Campus Safety will begin checking parking permits in student areas and meters on February 10. Until then, parking is free in those areas. Parking regulations are always enforced in staff spaces, red zones, yellow zones, disabled parking spaces and unauthorized areas. Staff permits are not valid in metered stalls.

Temporary Parking Permits for Campus Guests, Vendors

Faculty and staff can request temporary permits for guest speakers, visitors, vendors and service technicians by contacting Campus Safety at x25017. Campus Safety also provides Temporary Permit Request Forms that can be used for multiple requests. Permits are issued within three days and may be picked up by the requestor or placed in your campus mailbox. Campus Safety does not issue temporary permits to currently enrolled students.

Flexible Spending Accounts

OCC employees can now carry over $500 of unused funds in their health FSAs, accounts which employees can set up to set aside money for medical costs that is exempt from income taxes. In addition, employees who have health FSAs have until March 15 to use funds from their previous year’s account. Employees participating in the District’s Medical Expense Reimbursement FSA plan should contact American Fidelity, the plan administrator, at 800-654-8489 or visit for more information.