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Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Anti-binge drinking initiative LessThanUThink hosted a “pool party” on the quad Tuesday morning. The party’s slogan – “U think you won’t do a belly flop” – reminded students of the negative social consequences of binge drinking as OCC approaches spring break.

This party capped a four-week campaign on campus that included LTUT gear and games to encourage students to stay smart and live healthy lifestyles.

The LessThanUThink campaign is used by students to raise awareness of all the consequences of binge drinking through humorous messaging and nontraditional promotion. Its focus is to encourage students to make responsible decisions if and when they consume alcohol.

For more information about the Orange County campaign, visit or follow the online conversation on Twitter and Instagram at @LTUThink and #LTUTOC