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Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast

Library Instruction and Information Literacy
Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vinta OviattBy Vinta Oviatt
OCC Instruction, Electronic Resources, and Web Librarian

In this last article for this semester, I want to thank all the instructors who brought their classes or sent their students to the library. It will be so exciting to see you and our OCC students coming into the new library next semester!

Our librarians were extra busy this semester. We lectured to 90 classes, in 45 to 60 minutes, on how to do library and information research. We taught OCC students (approximately 2,700 of them!) how to access and search for information in both our print and electronic resources; how to evaluate these sources critically for authority and objectivity; and how to cite these sources correctly to help avoid plagiarism. In addition, we lectured in nine open library workshops for students to drop in and learn the same information. And we supported classes that came to the library to visit without requiring a library lecture.

We all know that students today are savvy with technology, but not so savvy with their library and information research skills. It's been proven that any library lecture, workshop, class, tutorial, or one-on-one training with a librarian at the librarians' reference desk leads to student success. The OCC library and librarians want to help educate our students about library and information research. Information about the library's resources, services, and instruction can be obtained from our web page at:
and on our portal site.

When you return in the new year, we will be in our new (and lovely – and spacious – and on campus again) library, and we'll be waiting for you to come visit us there! I know that we're going to be extra busy doing library lectures (in our wonderful new library classroom!), so please call me as soon as possible to book your class on the library's instruction calendar. We also plan to offer 14 student library workshops in the spring semester, Feb. 25-March 1 and April 7-12, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and evenings and on a Saturday during these two weeks. We hope you will inform your students of these workshops and will consider offering extra credit to students who attend them.

Also, remember that our instructional handouts and our research guides to help students do library and information research are on the library's web site (see above) under Instruction and Research Help and on our portal site also under Instruction. In addition, I may offer a professional development workshop in the spring to faculty and staff on all the exciting resources--both in print and electronic formats--that the library offers you and our students, for example e-books. And on Senior Day, the library will be offering tours of our new library to prospective OCC students!

The librarians strive in all our library lectures, workshops, reference desk sessions, and in English 108, to make our students aware of the wealth of resources available from the library, both in print and in our electronic resources, along with teaching them how to access, search, evaluate, and cite these resources, which are also the major goals of Information Competency. Knowing how to do library and information research effectively and efficiently in this Information Age is vital to student success. The OCC Library is here to help.

For more information on library instruction, information literacy, or electronic resources, contact me at Ext. 21057 or mail to: