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Coast To Coast

Book Talk
Thursday, December 14, 2006

Debbie Webb
(We Are What We Read)
By Debbie Webb, Librarian

"Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews"
ML 420.D98 A5 3006

In 1960, 19-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter, born Robert Allen Zimmerman, cast aside his given name and adopted one of his own – choosing Bob Dylan. It would be his first in an ongoing series of fabrications, fables, and rumors about his life story. Soon the singer had spun so many tales about his background that it was impossible to know who he really was. But these essential interviews reveal more of what the man is really like.

"It Doesn't Take a Genius"
By Randall McCutcheon
LB 1062.6 .M43 2006

Each and every student is fertile ground for learning, even those who seem bored or distracted. The authors of this book share their secrets of turning children from all walks of life into outstanding students who go on to lead fulfilling, productive lives in adulthood. It is organized into five universal "truths" behind making great possibilities come true. It provides the tools you need to help students unlock their enormous potential.

"Double Lives: American Writers' Friendships"
By Richard Lingeman
PS129.L56 2006

In this book. Lingeman explores the passions and betrayals that have enlivened the most significant, most fruitful friendships in American letters. From the unlikely pairing of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville to the "Kinetic Beat" threesome of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, American writers have formed friendships of high intensity, fierce competition and extreme need. Lingeman states, "The seesaw of fortune has challenged many of these writers' volatile friendships." This book is not only instructive but also great fun."