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Staff Development
Thursday, December 14, 2006

Leslie Danziger
Staff Development News - Week of December 14, 2006
By Leslie Danziger

Sign up on the Staff Development website above. Call 432-5920 or x26238 for more information. Walk-ins always welcome!




ASOCC Bookstore
Valid at Cafeteria

"In Bob we Trust"


This is a new, updated recognition program where faculty/staff are recognized. There are different levels of recognition and the people that go over and above their job duties will be given a $5.00 Bob's Bucs that can be redeemed at the Portside, Cafeteria, and Bookstore. Here is a list of people that have received Kudos certificates in 2006-2007. 

Kudos application forms are available at the switchboard, Staff Development office, in the racks across from the ladies restroom in the Admin building. 
Some have also received Bob's Bucs:
• Mette Segerblom, Sailing Center
• Renza Bricca, Division/Area Office Coordinator – Library
• John Clark, Information Systems Technology – Fine Arts
• Sandi Swaid, Staff - Health Center
• Cathe Hutchison – Admissions and Records
• Barbara Cortes – Child Development
• Mary Roda - Publications

"The Sprit of OCC You Made My Day Award" 

The Strong Rower is a traveling award that is presented to a person who makes a simply, thoughtful gesture that makes someone's day. A note is made in the "Captain's Log" when passing the award on to the next person. This will leave a lasting memory of the act of kindness. Recipients can keep the Strong Rower Award for one month before giving it away.

Joyce Etherton found this award, purchased it per B Wright's direction. Joyce went to a lot of time and effort finding this award. B Wright honored Joyce as the 1st recipient. Other recipients include Connie Haw, Wanda Doty, Judi Lagerlof, Olivia Martinez, Chastity Dutro, Maria DeNunna, and John McDonald.