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Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast

Thursday, December 15, 2005

dvd filming

Orange Coast College is creating a unique DVD that will assist in the recruitment of high school students, out-of-state students and international students.

Scheduled to be rolled out for the first time this spring, it will become one of the primary tools in OCC's recruiting arsenal.

Titled "We'll Help You Get There," the DVD was commissioned last fall by the campus' Class Schedule Committee and approved last spring by Planning and Budget.

Coordinators of the project are Chauncey Bayes and Jim Carnett of the College Publications and Community Relations offices. The company producing the DVD is the Carlsbad custom digital media firm, Digital OutPost. The company has produced information and recruiting DVDs for the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, National Institute of Health, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the National Library of Medicine, Hewlett Packard, Seltzer, Del Taco and the San Diego Padres.

The project began early this fall with a student focus group conducted by OCC marketing professor, Dennis Morgan. A panel of 18 OCC students looked at another recruiting DVD produced by an out-of-state community college, and offered suggestions for how an OCC DVD should be structured to reach its unique audiences and target markets. Dozens and dozens of ideas were generated, and many have been incorporated into the DVD's script.

More than 40 OCC students, alums and faculty members have been interviewed on camera this fall for the production. Campus and lifestyle assets were also compiled.

"The script is currently being refined, and the final shooting will take place on campus in early January," Carnett says. "We expect to have the DVD ready for distribution to prospective students by the first week in February. It will be out there working for us all spring."

OCC outreach counselor, Anna Katsuki, will distribute the DVD on high school campuses and at college fairs. Clips of the DVD will be posted on OCC's web page, and DVDs will be distributed to students around the country and across the world who are interested in attending Orange Coast College. The DVD will also be available to students attending OCC's High School Senior Day on Tuesday, March 21.

"What we expect the DVD to do very effectively is to give prospective students a feel for what our campus culture is all about," Carnett says. "Potential students will hear – from the mouths of our own students – what it's like to be an Orange Coast College student. High schoolers attach great credibility to what our students have to say about this place. Potential students will also hear from our alums how OCC prepared them for the next step in life…the job market or a four-year university. And, potential students will hear from our faculty how students – and the educational process – are valued on this campus."

Carnett says none of the student or faculty interviews were scripted.

"Everyone spoke from the heart. We couldn't have scripted or manufactured the kinds of sentiments that were expressed. The statements that we collected were very powerful."