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Coast To Coast

Book Talk
Thursday, December 15, 2005

Debbie Webb
(We Are What We Read)

By Debbie Webb, Librarian

"Writing With Intent"
By Margaret Atwood
PR 9199.3.A8 W75 2005

From one of our most passionately engaged global literary citizens comes this – her largest collection of essays spanning 1983-2005. Atwood always writes in a bracing voice that is provocative, witty and always accessible.

"On Literature"
By Umberto Eco
PN 85.E4313 2004

In this collection of essays and addresses delivered over the course of his illustrious career, Umberto Eco seeks "to understand the chemistry of his passion" for the word. Illuminating, accessible, stimulating, this collection exhibits the diversity of Eco's interests.

"Plug in Turn On"
By Ana Kronschnabl
TR 860 .K76 2004

This book is a guide intended for use by anyone with an interest in making and showing films over the internet. The second section of the book is a practical guide which covers cameras, equipment, production, scriptwriting, software, editing, compressing and internet distribution. The authors also run a website called dedicated to showing, teaching and discussing films made for the internet.