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Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chancellor Andrew Jones

Coast Community College District Chancellor Andrew Jones, Ed.D., met with Orange Coast College faculty and staff last week in an informal session as part of the "Chancellor's Listening Tour" series.

Andrew Jones, Ed.D.

Andrew Jones, Ed.D.

Jones visited every CCCD campus during the last month, wrapping up the meetings at OCC on December 7th.

Public education is facing "a perfect storm," Jones said, as community colleges deal with shrinking revenue and increasing demand.

"The notion of open access to community colleges is being challenged," he said. California state law states that anybody who can demonstrate an ability to benefit must be admitted to public colleges. "The institution that has taken that challenge is the community college."

Community colleges don't have the resources to meet that mission, Jones said. "It is being decided for us by the budget."

The chancellor said CCCD employees must "think about things in a different way" and discover the best way to function.

"Are we using our money well?" he asked. "Do we have to have three of everything, and in some cases, four of everything?"

The District may need to consider re-deploying staff to be more efficient. "It won't be easy," he said, "but we can do it." Jones predicted that the District will emerge from the budget crisis as a better organization than it is today. "It will take all of us to do it."

The chancellor outlined "three stretch goals" that District colleges should achieve:

• 60% completion rate by 2014
• Increase international student population from 2% to 15% by 2020
• Make CCCD one of Orange County's 10 best places to work by 2015

Jones said the District has identified a group of Coast College team members, Team Launchpad, who are creative leaders. The "think tank" meets every month, and all employees are welcome to attend. Interested persons can email Jones at to get on the mailing list.