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Coast To Coast

Coast To Coast

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The District Governance Council will review Board Policies and Procedures, and students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit their suggestions by Monday, January 6.

The review is taking place to bring Coast Community College District into compliance with the ACCJC accreditation standards.

The policies and procedures cited below have been categorized into employee group categories in an effort to help faculty and staff determine which policies they would like to review. Feedback is welcome on all policies and procedures by all constituent groups. To see a list of all policies, procedures, and their status in the review process please refer to the OCC Look Out page ( on the OCC public website.

AP = Administrative procedure
BP = Board policy

Policies and Procedures for view by All Constituent Groups

o Associated Students:
o BP 5400

o District Mission:
o BP1200

o Domestic Partners:
o BP 7510

o Personal Use of Public Resources:
o BP 7371

o Political Activity:
o BP 7370
AP 7370

o Whistleblower Protection:
o BP 7700
AP 7700

As an alternative to providing feedback through OCC Look Out (responding to the surveys above), you can provide feedback through a member of the District Governance Council. OCC’s members of the District Governance Council are:
• Denise Cabanel-Bleuer (Academic Senate)
• Julie Clevenger (Confidentials)
• Dennis Harkins (President)
• Sandy Whiteside (Classified Senate)
• Rachel Gajardo (Associated Students)

Contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness if you need assistance with the OCC Look Out forms: Sheri Sterner at 714-432-5081 and Lynn MacDonald, 714-432-5081