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Graphic of the OCC Student Housing
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Student Housing Project

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Orange Coast College is committed to doing its part to provide the next generation of students with the housing resources they need to succeed. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Orange County’s population is growing at a faster rate than housing is being built, with a projected shortfall of more than 100,000 units by 2040.*

OCC’s Student Housing will provide affordable and accessible housing for students from all walks of life, including veterans, foster youth, single parents, international students, athletes, and more. On-campus student housing will allow students at Coast to actively engage in meaningful ways with the campus and local community, and will serve as a key economic driver in the region for years to come.

Students living in OCC’s Student Housing will have an opportunity to stay plugged in to the campus in ways that will contribute to their academic and personal success. The facility will be academically focused with tutoring and co-curricular education available, as well as convenient amenities such as study rooms, kitchens, laundry, community rooms, and more. Professional staff will be on hand 24/7 to provide guidance and academic support.

*Based on data from the Orange County Business Council 2015 Workforce Housing Scorecard

Housing Project Information:

Graphic of entire student housing buildings
  • More than 300k gross square feet
  • 323 Units
  • 814 Beds
  • 19 Resident Advisors
  • On-site parking for 600 cars
  • Bike parking for 200 within the building
  • Study Lounges
  • Mail Center
  • Exterior courts to enhance student's experience


Simple chart shows the Foundation at OCC finances the construction and management

Orange Coast College has partnered with development, financing and constructions companies to make the College’s Student Housing project come to fruition. No public funds will be used to build OCC’s student housing, and the College will work with a third-party property manager to oversee daily operations. No Measure M funding will be used for this project.

Our Goals

  • Create a living lab environment / co-curricular education
  • Become a 7-day / week campus and transition to a residentlal campus feel
  • Focus on all students at OCC
  • Focus on programs to enhance matriculation, student development, and academic success
  • Capitalize on experience of third-party provider for management

Estimated Date of Completion: Fall 2020