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Governance & Decision Making

Decision Making Document

The purpose of this document is to describe the structure, operational relationships, mechanisms and agreements for making transparent and inclusive decisions at Orange Coast College that affect the well-being of our institution. We believe that the document represents the united voice of all constituents, and we are committed to our continued success as a premiere institution of higher learning. As a living document, it is updated as needed by the College Council. The College Council conducts a thorough review of this document every three years based on an evaluation prepared by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee.

The contents of this document derive from collegial consultation with a representative inclusive sample of faculty, staff, administrators and students. Our decision-making is guided by our college Mission Statement, College Values (C-L-A-S-S) and College Strategic Goals. (See Educational Master Plan 2016-2021)

Decision Making Document (Fall 2018)


Participatory Governance Councils & Committees

  1. Administrative Services Planning Council
  2. College Council
  3. Instructional Planning Council
  4. Student Services Planning Council
  5. Institutional Advancement & Effectiveness Planning Council
  6. Accreditation Coordinating Committee
  7. College Budget Committee
  8. Facilities Planning Committee
  9. Institutional Effectiveness Committee
  10. International and Multicultural Committee
  11. Professional Development Advisory Committee
  12. Student Success and Enrollment Committee
  13. Technology Committee