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Medical and First Aid

  • For Professional help call #911
  • Campus Public Safety 25555 or 1- 714-432-5555
  • For assistance and/or transport to the Student Health Center call Campus Public Safety-ext. 25017. Provide your name and exact location

Describe the nature of the medical problem

Give the campus location of the victim
Until help arrives give the victim appropriate first aid:
Apply direct pressure to wound
(protect yourself from contamination)
Neck/Back injury:     
Do not move victim
Not Breathing:          
Open airway (if you have been trained)
Perform rescue breathing or CPR (if you have been trained)
Hands only CPR:       
Uninterrupted chest compressions 100 a minute
Blood/Body Fluids Exposure: 
Ensure that other employees/students are not exposed
Obtain the name and phone number of the person who was the source of the blood/body fluids.

Notify Campus Worker’s Compensation office –
OCC Personnel office (714) 432-5670.
(California Code of Regulations requires treatment of employees within 24 hours of exposure.)
Proceed to a designated occupational health provider immediately.