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Staff Duty Assignments

The INCIDENT COMMAND SYSTEM will be activated and team members will assume designated responsibilities to save lives and minimize damage.  All staff will assist in the evacuation of students and college personnel when safety is threatened. 
Each instructor will be responsible for the direct supervision of his/her class.  Each instructor will:
  • Evacuate students to designated areas
  • Report missing students
  • Seek medical attention for injured students
Statement of Responsibility
The Administrative Regulations and Procedures and the Government Code of the State of California, Section 3100-3101, provide for the authority to declare public workers as Disaster Service Workers. 
Every staff member has a duty and responsibility to perform certain duties in times of emergency.
Evacuation Site
The College has been designated as an Emergency Evacuation Center for Orange County.
During an emergency requiring the evacuation of people from surrounding areas OCC will act as a reception, care and shelter center.  The College will act in cooperation with the Orange County Office of Emergency Services (OCEMS), the Local Police and Fire Departments (CMPD and CMFD), and the American Red Cross (ARC).