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Pricing Details


"CRV" Price List:
Aluminum cans $1.63 / lb.
Glass $0.104 / lb.
Bi-Metal $0.39 / lb.
Plastic #1 (PET) $1.26 / lb.
Plastic #2 (HDPE) $0.60 / lb.
"CRV" containers by count*:
Under 24 oz. $0.05 / ea.
Over 24 oz. $0.10 / ea.


*Containers can be paid by count up to 50 of each material per load, per day
**Per CalRecycle regulations, we are prohibited from purchasing from any one customer in excess of 100lbs per day of aluminum cans or plastic bottles or 1,000lbs of glass.  If any load contains amounts in excess of these limits or exceeds these daily per-customer limits, the entire load will be rejected.