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Vendor Guidelines

  • The Swap Meet Hours of operation are from 8am – 3pm.  
  • Vendors may enter between 6am – 7:45 and exit after 3pm. 
  • Vendors must be in their spaces by 7:45.  After 7:45 empty spaces will be re-sold. 
  • Please pack up and leave your space by 4pm on Saturday and 4:30 pm on Sunday.
  • Vendors will be cited and fined for trash left in their spaces after they leave.
  • Always review your contract for errors prior to leaving the office as there are NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES after you leave.
  • The person driving into the OCC S​wap Meet must have a valid driver's license and the vehicle must be currently insured.
  • Refrain from selling banned items. See the following list below.
  • Vendors must show a valid California Driver's License to purchase a space
  • Vendors can sell two times in a calendar year without a sales permit. After two sales dates a sales permit showing OCC Swap Meet's address is required.
  • Sales Permits can be obtained from any Board of Equalization office.
  • Sub-leasing is strictly prohibited.  All vendors who have a signed rental invoice must be present in their space through the duration of the swap meet.
  • Vendors must supervise their children appropriately.

 Setting up your Sales Space

  • Spaces are two parking spaces back to back.
  • Items are set up in the front parking space
  • Cars are parked in the back parking space
  • Only one car per space
  • Vehicles towing trailers must buy two spaces
  • Please no unloading in the aisles
  • All tents and canopies must be set up within the sales space and weighed down with a 25lb weight on each pole. Removal of tents and canopies due to weather may be required

​​​    We cannot allo​w the following items to be sold at the OCC Swap Meet:

  • Animals – except 2 approved bird vendors who were selling prior to the ban
  • Counterfeit Merchandise
  • Medications Examples:
    • Pills including Vitamins
    • Athlete foot cream
    • Bleaching creams
    • Wart removers, acne creams
    • Drug paraphernalia
  • Tooth paste of any kind
  • All Weapons according to California Penal Code which includes but is not limited to:
    • Firearms
    • Ammunition
    • Volatile Chemicals
    • Air Power guns
    • Stun guns
  • Pornographic/Nudity
  • DVDs/CDs
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Any type of paint/spray paint cans
  • Flammable Items
    • Cylinders
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Propane/Butane Tanks
    • Matches/Lighters
    • Chemicals
  • Used Mattresses
  • Services
    • Marketing
    • Real Estate
    • Prepaid Calling Cards
    • Service Contracts of any kind