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MAT invites qualified candidates for membership each fall and spring.
Successful candidates are students who:
  • have completed at least fifteen (15) units of letter-graded coursework at OCC , including at least twelve (12) units at the asscociate level (generally courses numbered 100 and higher meet this requirement)
  • have completed at least one of the following: Math 115, Math 120, Math 140 (formerly Math 157), Math 160 or 160H, PSYC 160, Math 170, Math 180 or 180H, Math 182H, Math 185 or 185H, Math 280 or 280H, Math 285 or 285H, Math 290 or 290H
  • Grades of A or B have been earned in all qualifying math classes (at least one is required); line-outs/exclusions for courses repeated or academically renewed and W's are OK; do not count coursework in progress
  • Have an OCC cumulative GPA of at least 3.00
There is a one-time application fee of $60.00 which includes the chapter t-shirt; approved membership is permanent immediately. New members receive a certificate, membership card, transcript seal, as well as a special notation of their membership on official OCC transcripts. Members of Mu Alpha Theta are entitled to purchase and wear honors regalia at their graduations.

Qualified students may download the current applications here: 
If you've already submitted the GHC General Application form once this year, there is no need to submit it again.
If you have any difficulty downloading the form, please pick one up at the Garrison Honors Center (located next to Global Engagement Center) or the chapter at for an PDF copy of the application.
Further questions may be addressed to the faculty advisor, Tyler Boogar: 
Last updated:  10/6/17