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AGS Officers and Contact Info

2017-2018 AGS Officers:

President                Carmen Chavez

Vice President         Jennifer Porres

Treasurer                 Chau Nguyen

Secretary                 Vy Dinh


2016-2017  AGS Officers:

President                Carmen Chavez

Vice President        Enzo Flores

Treasurer                Chau Nguyen

Secretary                Josh Hammond


2015-2016 AGS Officers:

President                Jessica Driscoll

Vice President        Niomie Ford

Treasurer                Stacey Velasquez

Secretary                Josh Hammond


2014-2015 AGS Officers:

President                Anthony Diaz

Vice President        Jessica Elderkin​

Treasurer                Jessica Driscoll

Secretary                Kellie Kahmer, Jessica Artinger


Campus Location:
Garrison Honors Center
Email Address:
Web Address:
Social Media:
Phone Number:
Mailing Address:
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Orange Coast College
2701 Fairview Road 
Watson Hall - 433
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Staff Advisor:
Terry Scarbrough
Academic Honors Office Coordinator


Revised 6/28/2018