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Student Help Videos

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We are here to help!

NEW class registration process begins 

this semester.

Find helpful videos with

step-by-step instructions below.

College Support Videos

How to access OCC email:

How to check your priority registration:

How to register:

How to register on mobile device:

Link OCC Email to Your Personal Email: 

Zoom Support Videos

Join Zoom on a Computer

Zoom Features on a Computer: Mute/Unmute, Video/Stop Video, and Chat

Join Zoom with an iPhone

Join Zoom with an Android

Zoom Features on a Phone: Mute/Unmute, Video/Stop Video and Chat

Breakout Rooms on Zoom: Small Group Meetings, Share Screen, Write on Screen and Chat

Canvas Support Videos

Computer Canvas Log In:

Canvas Basics on a Computer:

Access Zoom from Canvas:

iPhone Canvas Log In:

Android Canvas Log In:

Canvas Basics for Phones:

ELL Textbooks & eBooks

Purchase Stand Out Textbook:

Purchase Pearson eBook:

Create My English Lab Account:

Need more help? Contact Us:

Adult Education Office
Call/Text: (714) 559-0452