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Career Assessments

We have four different types of career assessment.  They are FREE of charge and available at our Career Library.  You are welcome to take these assessments during our open hours or call us at 714-432-5619 to make an appointment.

  • Bridges - A 10-minute "warm-up" assessment on your values, interests, and skills.  Test taker gets a list of suggested occupations based on the his or her answers.
  • Eureka Skills Inventory is a 40-minute card sort skills assessment.  It includes a variety of skills you normally use at work or for daily activities.  You select the skills you enjoy using into categories such as "very satisfying", "moderately satisfying", "somewhat satisfying".  The computer uses the skills you selected as a "map" to pin-point the way you want to spend your time on the job.  The computer looks for occupations that use the skills you have picked in the assessment.
  • SIGI3 (System of Interactive Guidance & Information, Plus) is a computer-based system that can help you organize information about yourself, teach you how jobs are organized, and provide you with ways for putting information together to make good decisions.  Nine sections are integrated to allow users to go through the entire career decision-making process to his/her particular needs.
  • e-DISCOVER is an internet-based career assessment and exploration.  The system provides a developmental guidance process and detailed information to help users make important career and educational decisions including immediate employment, vocational training, college, or military service.