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Read What other Student and Employers are Saying!

Alaa, Film Major 2012
The Internship Academy was a great help to me. Not only was I interning and gaining a lot of experience, I was also given college credit. That was a big plus. The assignments helped me out a lot like the perfect interview, I will be using that more often. Also turning in my resume and getting some tips on how to make a better one really helped me out.
Erik, Supervisor Newport Beach Film Festival
I am very impressed with the quality and caliber of the students participating in the Academy. As a non-profit arts/film event, we are largely dependent on the help from interns and volunteers! Please keep us in this program!

Kayla, Graphic Design Major 2012
I learned that an internship is very different from just attending classes. Working with an employers is more challenging because I'm dealing with real world assignments and not just a graded project that will be thrown away.
Martha, Supervisor Coast Community College District
Kayla was a great asset to the Public Affairs office. She was able to design projects for students from a student perspective. Her point of view was crucial to the success of our publications.

Elizabeth Brittel, Design Major 2012
I was able to learn a lot from the business I interned with; it was a great on the job experience and it will definitely help me in the future when I go to apply for design positions. The Internship Academy was a great help in getting an internship for me.
-Mariah, Supervisor Buccaneer Board Riders
The intern I got from the academy was a huge help to our business. She had a fresh take on things and we were able to utilize her many talents in a variety of ways/departments of our business. We will definitely be working with the academy again.

Johanne, EHR Major 2012
The opportunity to intern at Memorial Care is worth more than I can express. This experience has given me the much needed hands on skills that I desperately needed to move forward with my career in Health Information Technology. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to improve my skills and learn new skills.
-Margaret, Supervisor MemorialCare Health System
It's been great to have Johanne translate the information learned in the HIT program to real life EMR training for our health system.

Alexandra, Art Major-2012
I was surprised by the amount I learned at Orange County Fine Arts. The business of running a gallery in a non-profit organization is far more complicated than one would think, and probably more challenging than a corporate-run business. I connected with interesting and clever people from all walks of life.
-Jila, Supervisor at Orange County Fine Arts
Great experience. She is willing to learn and she has contributed to our organization. Fresh thoughts, positive attitude, willingness to learn and share what she knows. she has made this a great, experience.

-Michael, Marketing Major -2011
Through the internship program at Hatch Design Group and the guidance of my supervisor, I am walking away with a wealth of knowledge and experience of how business development works. Cynthia genuinely cares about educating her interns and I have learned many lessons that I will definitely take with me to my future career.
-Cynthia, Supervisor Hatch Design Group
Michael has been incredible and will surely be successful in whatever endeavors he takes on. He's thorough, quick, articulate, and an excellent leader. As important, he's responsible and always has a great attitude. I will miss him here.

-Jeff, Film Major -2010
I have successfully learned my outcomes, how to sell and merchandise. I also learned how to be self-motivated and proactive through the program.
-Brad, Supervisor at Big Dreams Inc./Burton Snowboards
Jeff's work was top notch. He performed all of his duties in a timely manner. Stayed motivated and went above and beyond his responsibilities.

-Taylor, Film Major '09
Through my internship I was able to obtain knowledgeable grasp of the post-production of a television show. I have benefited immensely through this experience as it has provided me with a career opportunity which I will strive to take advantage of. 
 -Carter, Mighty Oak Entertainment, Supervisor
Taylor has been an integral piece in our company's functionality. He has consistently added value to our day to day by being accountable, reliable and indefatigable. We love having him here
    -Nuran, Journalism Major '09
The internship was a great experience. I learned more than I could ever learn working on a college newspaper. The atmosphere was amazing and I'm happy about all the connections I've made.
 -Paul, Orange County Register, Supervisor
Nuran rewrote press releases, wrote Q&A profiles, covered stories, took photos and wrote features. She is intelligent, picks up skills quickly, professional and a delight to work with. Her writing improved throughout the internship and I think she has a lot of potential as a professional journalist.
    -Kyle, Film Major '09
I learned how a production/post-production facility operates. I benefited from working at Chopshop because I learned important details that they don't teach you at school
-Ken, Chopshop Entertainment Inc, Supervisor
Kyle has a great work ethic and has assisted on numerous projects at Chopshop. He's eager to learn and willingly takes on any task. His participation has been positive and we're certain he'll have every success in this industry.

    -Joseph, Horticulture Major '09
As part of the Internship Academy I was able to improve upon and build my career in Horticulture. Expanding on design, plant ID, purchase of plant materials, and visiting various nurseries. I am thankful for this opportunity and experience.
-John, Sherman Library & Gardens
This has been a positive experience and beneficial to both student and employer. Joe's project enhanced his knowledge base and provided Sherman Gardens with a new Landscaped Planter.

    -Sara, Fitness Specialist Major '10
This internship has helped me to gain experience, knowledge and self-confidence I need in order to be successful as a personal trainer. I have learned the proper techniques in order to complete a fitness assessment and helped me to interact with other people.
    -Leon, Orange Coast College
Sara did an outstanding job, as did all of my interns. The internship is terrific. The students get "hands on" and are able to take theory and science and make it work and gain confidence.