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Aviation Science

​​​​​​​​​​A certificate in aviation pilot training from Orange Coast College is guaranteed to take you places. OCC's program prepares students to operate single and multi-engine aircraft as professional pilots. The program can be tailored to meet the needs of individual students and is designed for students with no flying experience.
Career options are versatile - businesses large and ​​​small hire corporate pilots for executive transport; government agencies need pilots for law enforcement, land management and staff logistics purposes; and pilots are in demand for fire suppression, emergency tr​ansport operation and charter. 

It takes between 18 and 24 months to complete a certificate in aviation pilot training. A s​​mall business owner who only needs to use an aircraft for personal transportation can end their training after one semester with a Pilot Certificate of Achievement. A student seeking a career as a professional pilot would progress through the curriculum to earn a commercial pilot certificate ​of specialization along with a Turbine Transition Skill Certificate.
The program also contains an educational track that will train students for supporting careers in aviation without the considerable expense that pilot training incurs. ​​​​


Certificates of Specializations 


Airline Transport Pilot 

This certificate covers turbine aircraft systems, performance, weight and balance, and crew resource management. Students will become familiar with how crew resource management is utilized in the cockpits of commuter, corporate and airline flight decks. 

Private Pilot 

This certificate prepares students for private pilot flight instruction and the Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Knowledge Test. The program meets the aeronautical requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61.105.

Instrument Pilot ​

This certificate helps to prepare a pilot who is already 
in possession of a Private Pilot license or certification 
as an instrument rated pilot. The program meets the aeronautical requirements of Federal Aviation Regulation Part 61.105 that relate to private pilot privileges, limitations and flight operations.  ​​​​​

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Additional Information

For complete requirements and course information please see our c​a​talog​.​​​​

Use the link below to view gainful employment reports with important information regarding the costs, benefits and potential employment options of OCC certificate programs. 

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