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Cardiovascular Technology

​​​​​​With advances in medicine happening daily, the need for skill medical technicians continues to grow at a much faster rate than any other profession. Orange Coast College offers a Cardiovascular Technology certificate program that will equip students for​ a career in medicine in as little as one year. 

Cardiovascular Technology is a profession concerned with the diagnoses and treatment of patients with heart and blood vessel disease. Cardiovascular technologists perform tests at the request of a physician to obtain information about that patient's heart and blood vessel anatomy and function so that the physician can make a diagnosis.

Certificate of Achievement 

Electrocardiography Technician 

Students who complete this certificate may obtain employment as an electrocardiogram technician, 
stress-testing technician. Holter-monitoring technician. pacemaker technician, or monitor (telemetry) technician. 

Associate in Science Degree 

Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound Students who complete this certificate may obtain employment as a cardiovascular technologist performing all noninvasive tests, particularly cardiac ultrasound or echocardiography.

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Medical technician and patient

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