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Licensure Exam Passage Rates for 2013-2014 to 2016-2017

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Orange Coast College Licensure Exam Passage Rates​ for which students must pass a licensure examination in order to work: 10 or more completers 


Program Exam State, National or Other Institution Set Standard (%) 2016-
Pass Rate (%)

Pass Rate (%)

Pass Rate (%)
Pass Rate (%)
Licensure Websites
(where applicable)
Aircraft Maintenance Technology -- AMA (Airframe)Federal75%100%100%100%100% Website
Aircraft Maintenance Technology -- AMG (General)Federal75%100%100%100%100% Website
Aircraft Maintenance Technology -- AMP (Powerplant)Federal75%100%100%100%100% Website
Cardiovascular TechnologyNational Board70%80% 
Adult Echo
80%78% Website
Cardiovascular TechnologyNational Board70%80%
Dental Assisting: RDAState70%80%86%84%91% Website
Dental Assisting: X-RayState70%100%100%100%100% Website
Diagnostic Medical SonographyNational Board70%70%91%98%82% Website
Medical AssistingNational Board70%100%100%100%100% Website
Neurodiagnostic Technology: ABRETNational Board70%100%100%87%90% Website
Nutrition and Dietetics Technology, registeredNational Board70%77%58%69%68% Website
Radiologic Technology: AARTState75%100%100%94%83% Website
Radiologic Technology: FluoroscopyState75%NA100%100%95% Website
Respiratory Care: RCP/CRTState80%100% (CRT)
91.7% (CRT)
100% (RRT) 
82% (CRT)
91%  (RRT)
89% Website
Speech Language Pathology Asst:  CDSAState70%100%100%100%100% N/A


Job placement rates in programs for which students completing Certificate Programs and

CTE (Career-Technical Education ) degrees: 10 or more completers

 Program                     Institution Set Standard (%)2016 Job
Placement Rate (%)
2015 Job
Placement Rate (%)
2014 Job
Placement Rate (%)
​ 2013 Job
Placement Rate (%)
Aeronautical and Aviation Technology (Airframe & Powerplant / Airframe / Powerplant)75%83.3376.9254.1748.15
Applied Photography / Commercial Music75%76.3161.5474.2951.43
Architecture and Architectural Technology75%76.4759.2647.3765.52
Aviation and Airport Management and Services (Airline and Travel Careers / Aviation Pilot Training / Aviation Science / Corporate/Contract Flight Attendant)75%88.2362.5073.6869.23
Business Administration / Management75%71.2276.1257.1459.09
Cardiovascular Technician / Diagnostic Medical Sonography / Electro-Neurodiagnostic Technology / Electrocardiography / Radiologic Technology / Respiratory Care/Therapy / Emergency Medical Services75%79.8572.0658.7767.88
Child Development/Early Care and Education (Preschool Teacher / Early Childhood administration / Infant Toddler)75%84.2093.7564.1061.76
CNC Machine Operator / CNC Machine Programmer / Machinist / Welding Technology 75%84.2970.2157.5061.22
Commercial Art / Interior Design and Merchandising (Narrative Illustration / Interior Design75%68.0967.4456.4161.54
Computer Software Development75%50.00100.0025.000.00
Construction Crafts Technology75%55.5670.5950.0064.29
Dental Occupations75%84.0096.1570.5970.37
Digital Media75%100.00100.00100.00100.00
Electronics and Electric Technology75%83.3378.5770.5954.55
Environmental Control Technology75%90.9178.7977.5568.85
Fashion (Apparel Construction / Design / Fashion Production / Product Development / Fashion Merchandising)75%83.3362.5067.6565.96
Health Occupations, General75%80.0058.3363.1654.55
Hospitality (Meeting & Event Management / Restaurant / Restaurant Supervision / Human Resource Management / Front Office Specialist / Room Operations Specialist / Catering / Sales and marketing Specialist)75%89.2977.7877.1477.27
Medical Assisting75%84.0077.7871.4376.19
Nutrition, Foods, and Culinary Arts / Dietetic Services and Management / Culinary Arts / Dietetic Technology75%85.7184.7961.3375.00
Speech/Language Pathology and Audiology75%93.3366.6761.9072.22
Travel Services and Tourism (Travel and Tourism / Cruise Specialist / Travel Agency Specialist / Tour Escorting and Management / Destination management)75%100.0050.000.000.00