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Manufacturing Technology

​​​Manufacturing is critical to most industries - as the production of goods becomes more complex, the need for skilled workers is higher than ever. Manufacturing has evolved into a career that is not only high-tech, but high­salary as well, with the average manufacturing jobs paying about $20,​000 more than the average service job. Orange Coast College's Manufacturing Technology program prepares students for positions as machine-operators, and helps working machinists build on their skill set. 



Certificates of Achievement 


This program trains students for positions as entry-level operators, which is often the first manufacturing job for industrial employees. The program also comprises the core courses for more advanced certificates. 

CNC Machine Operator 

This program enhances the skills of students who have earned the Machinist certificate by providing them with CNC machine operating skills and manual programming skills. Students who complete the program will be able to set up and manually program a CNC machine tool. 

CNC Machine Programmer 

This program is designed to upgrade the skills and knowledge of machinists or CNC machine operators. Upon completion of the program students will be able to use machine technology software in computer-assisted CNC programming.


This program is designed to upgrade the skills of machinists to the point required for profitable employment as an entry-level tool maker, die maker or mold maker. The program includes courses in metallurgy, tool and cutter gringing, and welding tooling. 

Certificates of Specialization 

CNC Operator 

This certificate is designed for students who are already machinists.​ 

CNC Programmer 

​This certificate program is designed to upgrade the skills and knowledge of machinists or CNC machine operators to the level of CNC machine programmer. ​

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Manufacturing Technology student working with machinery

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