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English and ESL Assessment
ASSESSMENT CENTER -- 714-432-5789
To enroll in ENGL A098, A099, A100, A101*, and A102* or any ESL course at Orange Coast College, ALL STUDENTS MUST TAKE AN ENGLISH OR ESL ASSESSMENT TEST or submit transcripts demonstrating successful completion of the required prerequisite course equivalent if taken at another college or university. Transcripts should be presented at the Matriculation window in the Enrollment Center in Watson Hall .

New students, unless exempted from matriculation, will take the English or ESL Assessment Test as part of the required pre-enrollment assessment testing.

New students who have been not been exempted from matriculation and returning or continuing students who have not taken the test should go to the Assessment Center as soon as possible.

The score received on the English Assessment Test is a combination of multiple measures, which include student background information and test results. Students who can demonstrate that they possess the skills to enter another level than their score allows may appeal their placement.

Assessment test scores are valid for 2 years from the original date of test.

*To be eligible for ENGL A101 and A102 students must have a grade of "C" or higher in ENGL A100.

English as a Second Language
Important information about the ESL program at OCC.All students are welcome to register in ESL classes. Admission to intermediate and advanced classes is by the ESL Assessment Test. To make an appointment, call the Assessment Center at 714-432-5789.Students who want to start in the beginning classes, ESL A011 and ESL A015, may choose to meet with an ESL advisor instead of taking the Assessment Test. The advising schedule is available at the Assessment Center, Counseling, and the Literature and Languages division office.

If you can demonstrate that you possess the skills to enter a level other than your ESL score allows you may appeal your placement. ESL Assessment Appeals forms are available from the Literature and Languages Division. Instructions are provided on the appeal form.

ESL Prerequisites All ESL prerequisites are enforced. See the course description for prerequisites.

Recommended Sequence for ESL Courses Check the sequence chart he​re for the standard sequence of course completion.