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Mathematics Assessment
ASSESSMENT CENTER -- 714-432-5789
All students planning to enroll in any section of math MUST TAKE THE MATHEMATICS ASSESSMENT TEST.

New students, unless exempted from matriculation, will take the Mathematics Assessment Test as part of the required pre-enrollment assessment testing.

New students who have been exempted from matriculation and returning or continuing students who have not taken the test should go to the Assessment Center as soon as possible.

NOTE: Students who have a grade of "C" or better in Math A010 or higher at OCC or an equivalent course at another college will be excused from the Math Assessment Test when they bring proof of completion to the Matriculation Office.


You must select your initial mathematics course from the placement list determined by your mathematics score. The mathematics placement score is based on multiple measures, including the Mathematics Assessment Test and other relevant information.

The mathematics department advises that you register in a mathematics course no higher than those in the placement list. If you feel you possess the skills to enter a higher level course, you may appeal your placement list.

Mathematics Placement Appeal forms are available from Admissions & Records, the Counseling Division, and the Mathematics & Science Division offices. You are very unlikely to succeed in a mathematics class of a higher level than those on your placement list.

For additional information about the Mathematics Assessment Test, go to the Assessment Center.

For additional information about mathematics classes, go to the Mathematics Center in C&L 104.

Assessment scores are valid for 2 years from original date of test.