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Online Class Descriptions

Most Fall 2020 and Intersession/Spring 2021 classes will be offered in one of three formats.

  • Fully Online (asynchronous)
  • Synchronous Online
  • Hybrid Online (some asynchronous coursework and some synchronous)

Synchronous classes are scheduled similarly to in-person classes, with set meeting times that students will need to take part in. Asynchronous coursework offers more flexibility, with students given deadlines to complete work. Classes that cannot be conducted in one of the above three formats — such as career training labs, science labs, activity classes in athletics and the arts — will be scheduled on campus, as so noted with a classroom assignment.


Online Building/Room Descriptions

OCC ONLINE: This class is fully online and does not require in-person synchronously scheduled time. Students must email the instructor by Wednesday of the first week of class.

OCC LIVEONLINE: Similar to an in-person class with set meeting times, this class is offered synchronously using ConferZoom, Canvas Conference, or other synchronous technology during the scheduled time. Students should use a computer/laptop with administrator rights. PC (Windows 7 or 10) or Mac (OSX Mojave or higher). Caution - Mobile phones may not be sufficient. 

OCC ONLINE/OCC LIVEONLINE with HY code: This class is online and does require a portion of the class to be in-person with a synchronously scheduled time (see schedule). Students must email the instructor by Wednesday of the first week of class.