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OCC Plrate's Plank Business Pitch Competition

Previous Winners

​2018 Winners


Pictures: (left to right) Kevin Ballinger, Vice President of Instructions; Ayden Auer (Most Innovative Idea), Tiffany Gil (Most Likely to Succeed); Dennis Harkins, PhD, OCC President. (Photo by  Hank Schellingerhout)

Winners with their awards and checks.  Ayden Auer founder of E-Chop and winner of "Most Innovative Idea.," and Tiffany Gil founder of Sock Docs and winner of "Most Likely to Succeed"


Picture left to right: Norman Lao, Creative Direct, Simple Green (Judge); Alex Aydin, CEO/Founder of (Judge); Tiffany Gil, Sock Doc (Most Likely to Succeed); Ayden Auer, E-Chop (Most Innovative Idea);  Joseph Jeong, Sr. VP, First Bank (Judge). (Photo by Devin Michaels)

2017 WinnersPicture of winners with OCC President and VP of Instructioins

Pictures: (left to right) Dennis Harkins, PhD, OCC President; Raheela Maniar (Most Likely to Succeed), Michael Ambrose (Most Innovative Idea), Kevin Ballinger, Vice President of Instructions. (Photo by  Hank Schellingerhout)

Winners with their awards and checks.  Raheela Maniar founder of Zero Degree Zero and winner of "Most Likely to Succeed," and Michael Ambrose founder of Text-Trade and winner of "Most Innovative Idea."


Picture left to right; Michael Ambrose, Joseph Jeong (Judge - FirstBank), Raheela Maniar, Jeff Hyder (Judge - Simple Green), and Betsy Densmore (Judge - Owner of Great Mex Grill and Founder of Academies for Social Entrepreneurship). (Photo by Devin Michaels)

Winners on the night of the presentations and award (April 6, 2017)
Michael Ambrose, Text-Trade, winner of "Most Innovative Business Idea"
​Raheela Maniar, Zero Degree Zero, winner of "Most Likely to Succeed"