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Links to Video Modules

Each Module is about 40 minutes long, but you can break it down into
smaller units as necessary for your schedule.

If you are interested in BRN or ASRT credit, please remember that after each
module you will need to complete the assessment questions for testing.
After viewing a video module, email Kelly Holt at: to
request the learning assessment questions. More information on the module
assessment procedures can be found by clicking on the Testing tab.

To view the Modules below, press Ctrl + left click

             Module 1: Transitioning from Staff Technologist to Clinical Instructor

Module 2: Are We Participating in Education or Training?

Module 3: Clinical Instructor: Role as Facilitator of Learning

Module 4: Assessment of​ Clinical Performance

Module 5: Remediation: An Art and a Science

Module 6​: Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Legal Responsibilities